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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A comparative analysis of various flavonoids in the regulation of obesity and diabetes: An in vitro and in vivo studyVarshney R.; Mishra R.; Das N.; Sircar, Debabrata; Roy, Partha
2019A new enzymatic activity from elicitor-treated pear cell cultures converting trans-cinnamic acid to benzaldehydeSaini S.S.; Teotia D.; Gaid M.; Sircar, Debabrata
2007A validated HPLC method for simultaneous determination of 2-hydroxy-4-methoxybenzaldehyde and 2-hydroxy-4-methoxybenzoic acid in root organs of Hemidesmus indicusSircar, Debabrata; Dey G.; Mitra A.
2019A validated HPTLC method for the simultaneous quantifications of three phenolic acids and three withanolides from Withania somnifera plants and its herbal productsTomar V.; Beuerle T.; Sircar, Debabrata
2007Accumulation of p-hydroxybenzoic acid in hairy roots of Daucus carotaSircar, Debabrata; Roychowdhury A.; Mitra A.
2009Accumulation of p-hydroxybenzoic acid in hairy roots of Daucus carota 2: Confirming biosynthetic steps through feeding of inhibitors and precursorsSircar, Debabrata; Mitra A.
2021Adaptive Reprogramming During Early Seed Germination Requires Temporarily Enhanced Fermentation-A Critical Role for Alternative Oxidase Regulation That Concerns Also Microbiota EffectivenessBharadwaj R.; Noceda C.; Mohanapriya G.; Kumar S.R.; Thiers K.L.L.; Costa J.H.; Macedo E.S.; Kumari A.; Gupta K.J.; Srivastava S.; Adholeya A.; Oliveira M.; Velada I.; Sircar, Debabrata; Sathishkumar R.; Arnholdt-Schmitt B.
2012Alternative oxidase (AOX) and phenolic metabolism in methyl jasmonate-treated hairy root cultures of Daucus carota L.Sircar, Debabrata; Cardoso H.G.; Mukherjee C.; Mitra A.; Arnholdt-Schmitt B.
2017Antioxidant and cytotoxic activity of bioactive phenolic metabolites isolated from the yeast-extract treated cell culture of appleSarkate A.; Banerjee S.; Mir J.I.; Roy, Partha; Sircar, Debabrata
2018Beam Steering THz Antenna Array using Graphene-based Phase ShifterVarshney A.K.; Pathak, Nagendra Prasad; Sircar, Debabrata
2009Benzaldehyde dehydrogenase from chitosan-treated Sorbus aucuparia cell culturesGaid M.M.; Sircar, Debabrata; Beuerle T.; Mitra A.; Beerhues L.
2017Benzaldehyde dehydrogenase-driven phytoalexin biosynthesis in elicitor-treated Pyrus pyrifolia cell culturesSaini S.S.; Teotia D.; Gaid M.; Thakur A.; Beerhues L.; Sircar, Debabrata
2020Benzoate-CoA ligase contributes to the biosynthesis of biphenyl phytoalexins in elicitor-treated pear cell culturesSaini S.S.; Gaid M.; Sircar, Debabrata
2020Berberine reverses epithelial-mesenchymal transition and modulates histone methylation in osteosarcoma cellsMishra R.; Nathani S.; Varshney R.; Sircar, Debabrata; Roy, Partha
2021Betel leaf extract and its major component hydroxychavicol promote osteogenesis and alleviate glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis in ratsMishra R.; Das N.; Varshney R.; Juneja K.; Sircar, Debabrata; Roy, Partha
2015Biphenyl 4-hydroxylases involved in aucuparin biosynthesis in rowan and apple are cytochrome p450 736A proteinsSircar, Debabrata; Gaid M.M.; Chizzali C.; Reckwell D.; Kaufholdt D.; Beuerle T.; Broggini G.A.; Flachowsky H.; Liu B.; Hänsch R.; Beerhues L.
2019Biphenyls and dibenzofurans are the phytoalexins of appleLiu B.; Gaid M.; Chizzali C.; Khalil M.N.A.; Sircar, Debabrata; Reckwell D.; Beuerle T.; Richter K.; Hansch R.; Flachowsky H.; Beerhues L.
2021Black pepper prevents anemia of inflammation by inhibiting hepcidin over-expression through BMP6-SMAD1/ IL6-STAT3 signaling pathwayBanerjee S.; Katiyar P.; Kumar L.; Kumar V.; Saini S.S.; Krishnan V.; Sircar, Debabrata; Roy, Partha
2011Characterization of p-hydroxybenzaldehyde dehydrogenase, the final enzyme of p-hydroxybenzoic acid biosynthesis in hairy roots of Daucus carotaSircar, Debabrata; Mukherjee C.; Beuerle T.; Beerhues L.; Mitra A.
2019Cinnamate-CoA ligase is involved in biosynthesis of benzoate-derived biphenyl phytoalexin in Malus × domestica ‘Golden Delicious’ cell culturesTeotia D.; Gaid M.; Saini S.S.; Verma A.; Yennamalli R.M.; Khare S.P.; Ambatipudi, Kiran S.; Mir J.I.; Beuerle T.; Hänsch R.; Roy, Partha; Agrawal P.K.; Beerhues L.; Sircar, Debabrata