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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Effect of Cationic Starch and Long Fiber Pulp in the Breaking Length of Recycled Bagasse PaperSaroha Anil K.; Kumar Parmod; Sinha Shishir
2009Effect of Pressure on Height of Regenerator Dense Bed in an FCCUPraveen Ch.; Sinha Shishir
1996Energy Saving in Edible Oil Processing Industries- A ProfileSinha Shishir; Singh R.P.
1998Evaluation of Blended Frying Oils in Deep-Fat FryingTyagi V.K.; Vashishtha A.K.; Sinha Shishir
2008Improvement in Strength Properties of Recycled Bagasse Paper by Blending with Long Fibre Pulp and Retention AidsSaroha Anil K.; Verma P.V.K.K; Kumar Parmod; Sinha Shishir
2010Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of FCC Downer Reactor,Koratiya Vijay Kumar; Kumar Sunil; Sinha Shishir
2009Novel Method for Estimation of Kinetic parameters in VGO Cracking,Sinha Shishir; Praveen Ch.
2012Steady State Modeling And Simulation Of Hydrocracking ReactorKumar Abhimanyu; Sinha Shishir
2009Strategic Estimation of Kinetic Parameters in VGO Cracking,Sinha Shishir; Praveen Ch.