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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Design and development of precipitate strengthened advanced high strength steel for automotive applicationJha G.; Das, Sourav; Sinha S.; Lodh A.; Haldar A.
2012Development of microstructure and texture in Copper during warm accumulative roll bondingSuresh, K. S.; Sinha S.; Chaudhary A.; Suwas S.
2001Effect of directional split and slow-moving vehicles on two lane capacityChandra, Satish; Sinha S.
2017Hot-rolled and continuously cooled bainitic steel with good strength–elongation combinationDas, Sourav; Sinha S.; Lodh A.; Chintha A.R.; Krugla M.; Haldar A.
2020Inducible knockout of ∆Np63 alters cell polarity and metabolism during pubertal mammary gland developmentKumar, Sushil; Nandi A.; Mahesh A.; Sinha S.; Flores E.; Chakrabarti R.
2020Loss of ELF5–FBXW7 stabilizes IFNGR1 to promote the growth and metastasis of triple-negative breast cancer through interferon-γ signallingSingh S.; Kumar, Sushil; Srivastava R.K.; Nandi A.; Thacker G.; Murali H.; Kim S.; Baldeon M.; Tobias J.; Blanco M.A.; Saffie R.; Zaidi M.R.; Sinha S.; Busino L.; Fuchs S.Y.; Chakrabarti R.
2001Photoinduced electron transfer (ET) within some novel synthesized derivatives of phenanthrene acting as donors and 9-fluorenone/9-cyanoanthracene behaving as acceptorsMaiti, Moumita; Misra T.; Sinha S.; Pal S.K.; Mukherjee D.; Saini R.D.; Ganguly T.
1999Photophysics of 4-methoxy-benzo[b]thiophene in different environments. Its role in non-radiative transitions both as an electron and as an energy donorMaiti, Moumita; Sinha S.; Deb C.; De A.; Ganguly T.
2017The Role of Quality Assessment for Development of Sustainable Bus Service in Mid-sized Cities of India: A Case Study of PatnaSinha S.; Sadhukhan, Shubhajit; Priye S.
2018Δnp63-driven recruitment of myeloid-derived suppressor cells promotes metastasis in triple-negative breast cancerKumar, Sushil; Wilkes D.W.; Samuel N.; Blanco M.A.; Nayak A.; Alicea-Torres K.; Gluck C.; Sinha S.; Gabrilovich D.; Chakrabarti R.