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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Diffusional and displacive transformations in interstitial-free steel within the scope of a critical assessment of the mechanical propertySinha M.; Syed B.; Karmakar, Anish; Ghosh S.
2003Effect of alcoholic, glycolic, and polyester resin additives on the gelation of dilute solution (1%) of methylcelluloseKundu, Patit Paban; Kundu M.; Sinha M.; Choe S.; Chattopadhayay D.
2020Effect of Austenite Conditioning on Martensitic Transformation in Commercial Grade Interstitial-Free SteelSinha M.; Karmakar, Anish; Syed B.; Ghosh S.
2020Kinetic Constraints of δ-Ferrite to the Formation of Kappa (κ) Carbide in a Fe-4Mn-9Al-0.3C Wt Pct Low-Density SteelSinha M.; Ahad S.; Chaudhry A.K.; Ghosh S.
2021Recrystallization in commercial grade interstitial-free steel, discussing criticality of martensite and massive ferrite nucleation along with mechanical propertyYadav S.; Kamal A.; Sinha M.; Ghosh S.