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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Analysis of Combined Effect of Temperature and Wind on Solar Power ProductionSinha A.; Kumar, Arun; Tiwari A.; Yadav K.; Iqbal A.; Malik H.; Malik H.; Riyaz A.; Abdellah K.; Bayhan S.
2021Deep Learning Based Dimple Segmentation for Quantitative FractographySinha A.; Suresh, K. S.; Del Bimbo A.; Cucchiara R.; Sclaroff S.; Farinella G.M.; Mei T.; Bertini M.; Escalante H.J.; Vezzani R.
2018Double layer microwave absorber based on Cu dispersed SiC compositesSingh S.; Sinha A.; Zunke R.H.; Kumar A.; Singh, Dharmendra
2016Entropy-Based Termination Criterion for Multiobjective Evolutionary AlgorithmsSaxena, Dhish KumarK.; Sinha A.; Duro J.A.; Zhang Q.
2021Exploring artificial intelligence techniques for groundwater quality assessmentAgrawal P.; Sinha A.; Kumar S.; Agarwal, Ankit; Banerjee A.; Villuri V.G.K.; Annavarapu C.S.R.; Dwivedi R.; Dera V.V.R.; Sinha J.; Pasupuleti S.
2013Using objective reduction and interactive procedure to handle many-objective optimization problemsSinha A.; Saxena, Dhish KumarK.; Deb K.; Tiwari A.