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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A 10T subthreshold SRAM cell with minimal bitline switching for ultra-low power applicationsSwaati; Das B.P.; Kaushik B.K.; Dasgupta S.; Singh V.
2014A computationally efficient approach for template matching-based image registrationGaidhane V.H.; Hote Y.V.; Singh V.
2004A framework for internet GIS based computerized visitor information system for theme parksSingh V.; Singh T.; Langan D.; Kumar P.
2020A new perspective of probing the level of pollution in the megacity Delhi affected by crop residue burning using the triple oxygen isotope technique in atmospheric CO2Laskar A.H.; Maurya A.S.; Singh V.; Gurjar B.R.; Liang M.-C.
2018A Study of Sobolev Type Fractional Impulsive Differential Systems with Fractional Nonlocal ConditionsSingh V.; Pandey D.N.
2005Advanced traveler information system for Hyderabad CityKumar P.; Singh V.; Reddy D.
2019Allsky airglow imaging observations from Hanle, Leh Ladakh, India: Image analyses and first resultsMondal S.; Srivastava A.; Yadav V.; Sarkhel S.; Sunil Krishna M.V.; Rao Y.K.; Singh V.
2014An efficient approach for face recognition based on common eigenvaluesGaidhane V.H.; Hote Y.V.; Singh V.
2018An efficient similarity measure approach for PCB surface defect detectionGaidhane V.H.; Hote Y.V.; Singh V.
2012An efficient similarity measure technique for medical image registrationGaidhane V.H.; Hote Y.V.; Singh V.
2005ANN based estimator for distillation - Inferential controlSingh V.; Gupta I.; Gupta H.O.
2007ANN-based estimator for distillation using Levenberg-Marquardt approachSingh V.; Gupta I.; Gupta H.O.
2011Apatite formability of boron nitride nanotubesLahiri D.; Singh V.; Keshri A.K.; Seal S.; Agarwal A.
2014Bone cement based nanohybrid as a super biomaterial for bone healingKapusetti G.; Misra N.; Singh V.; Srivastava S.; Roy P.; Dana K.; Maiti P.
2011Boron nitride nanotube reinforced hydroxyapatite composite: Mechanical and tribological performance and in-vitro biocompatibility to osteoblastsLahiri D.; Singh V.; Benaduce A.P.; Seal S.; Kos L.; Agarwal A.
2010Carbon nanotube toughened hydroxyapatite by spark plasma sintering: Microstructural evolution and multiscale tribological propertiesLahiri D.; Singh V.; Keshri A.K.; Seal S.; Agarwal A.
2020Chemically modified biochar derived from effluent treatment plant sludge of a distillery for the removal of an emerging pollutant, tetracycline, from aqueous solutionSingh V.; Chakravarthi M.H.; Srivastava V.C.
2013Cold sprayed aluminum based glassy coating: Synthesis, wear and corrosion propertiesLahiri D.; Gill P.K.; Scudino S.; Zhang C.; Singh V.; Karthikeyan J.; Munroe N.; Seal S.; Agarwal A.
2017Container-based microservice architecture for cloud applicationsSingh V.; Peddoju S.K.; Astya P.N.; Gupta K.; Sharma V.; Swaroop A.; Singh M.
2019Controllability of fractional impulsive quasilinear differential systems with state dependent delaySingh V.; Pandey D.N.