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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19932,6-Diacetylpyridinesalicylaldazine complexes of bivalent metal ionsSingh B.; Singh U.R.
1995Bivalent 3d-metal complexes of malonyl- and succinyldihydrazide based macrocyclic ligands. Synthesis and characterizationSingh B.; Singh U.R.
1992Synthesis and structural characterisation of 2-acstylth10phene salicylaldazine complexes of some bivalent transition metal ionsSingh B.; Singh U.R.
1991Synthesis and Structural Characterisation of 2†Aminoacetophenonesalicylaldazine Complexes of Some Bivalent Transition Metal IonsSingh B.; Singh U.R.
1994Synthesis of pyridine-2- aldehyde sali cylaldazine - 3d metal complexes and their characterization by magnetic, spectroscopy and x-ray powder diffractionSingh B.; Singh U.R.