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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Design of underhand cut and fill method for extraction of friable chromite ore left in open pit benchesKumar D.; Hem P.; Kumar A.; Gupta R.K.; Singh U.K.
2017Evaluation of existing equations for temporal scour depth around circular bridge piersPandey M.; Sharma, Pramod Kumar; Ahmad, Zulfequar; Singh U.K.
2020Experimental investigation of a trench weir with T-shaped barsBhave S.; Kumar S.; Singh U.K.; Pandey M.; Ahmad, Zulfequar
2018Experimental investigation of clear-water temporal scour variation around bridge pier in gravelPandey M.; Sharma, Pramod Kumar; Ahmad, Zulfequar; Singh U.K.
2017Formulation for critical shear stress of cohesive sediment mixtureSingh U.K.; Ahmad, Zulfequar; Kumar A.
2018Incipient motion for gravel particles in clay-silt-gravel cohesive mixturesAhmad, Zulfequar; Singh U.K.; Kumar A.
2019Incipient Motion for Gravel Particles in Cohesionless Sediment MixturesSingh U.K.; Ahmad, Zulfequar; Kumar A.; Pandey M.
2016Laboratory Characterization of Cemented Rock Fill for Underhand Cut and Fill Method of MiningKumar D.; Singh U.K.; Singh G.S.P.
2019Scour around spur dike in sand-gravel mixture bedPandey M.; Lam W.H.; Cui Y.; Khan M.A.; Singh U.K.; Ahmad, Zulfequar
2019Transport rate and bed profile computations for clay–silt–gravel mixtureSingh U.K.; Ahmad, Zulfequar
2017Turbulence characteristics of flow over the degraded cohesive bed of clay–silt–sand mixtureSingh U.K.; Ahmad, Zulfequar; Kumar A.