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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A framework for internet GIS based computerized visitor information system for theme parksSingh V.; Singh T.; Langan D.; Kumar, Praveen Kishore
2015A full scale fire test on a pre-damaged RC framed structureShah A.H.; Sharma, Umesh Kumar; Bhargava, Pradeep; Reddy P.K.G.R.; Singh T.; Lakhani H.
2017An EOQ inventory model with stock dependent demand under permissible delay in paymentSingh T.; Pattanayak H.; Nayak, Ameeya Kumar; Sethy N.N.
2012An EOQ Model for a Deteriorating Item with Time Dependent Quadratic Demand and Weibull Distribution Deterioration under Permissible Delay in PaymentSingh T.; Sahu S. K.; Nayak A. K.
2021An optimal policy for deteriorating items with generalized deterioration, trapezoidal-type demand, and shortagesSingh T.; Sethy N.N.; Nayak, Ameeya Kumar; Pattnaik H.
2018An Optimal Policy with Three-Parameter Weibull Distribution Deterioration, Quadratic Demand, and Salvage Value under Partial BackloggingSingh T.; Pattanayak H.; Nayak A.K.; Sethy N.N.
2017An Ordering Policy with Generalised Deterioration, Ramp-Type Demand under Complete BackloggingSingh T.; Sethy N. N.; Nayak A. K.
2016Developments in electrochemical discharge machining: A review on electrochemical discharge machining, process variants and their hybrid methodsSingh T.; Dvivedi, Akshay
2016Effect of Ductile Detailing on the Performance of a Reinforced Concrete Building Frame Subjected to Earthquake and FireShah A.H.; Sharma, Umesh Kumar; Kamath P.; Bhargava, Pradeep; Reddy G.R.; Singh T.
2012EOQ Model for a Deteriorating Item with Time Dependent Exponential Demand under permissible delay in paymentSingh T.; Sahu S. K.; Nayak A. K.
2020Experimental investigations into rotary mode electrochemical discharge drilling (RM-ECDD) of metal matrix compositesSingh T.; Arya R.K.; Dvivedi, Akshay
2019Experimental investigations into triplex hybrid process of GA-RDECDM during subtractive processing of MMC’sJha N.K.; Singh T.; Dvivedi, Akshay; Rajesha S.
2021Experimental investigations of energy channelization behavior in ultrasonic assisted electrochemical discharge machiningSingh T.; Dvivedi, Akshay; Shanu A.; Dixit P.
2020Experimental investigations, empirical modeling and multi objective optimization of performance characteristics for ECDD with pressurized feeding methodSingh T.; Rathore R.S.; Dvivedi, Akshay
2021Fabrication of micro holes in Yttria-stabilized zirconia (Y-SZ) by hybrid process of electrochemical discharge machining (ECDM)Singh T.; Dvivedi, Akshay
2019Fabrication of micro-slits using W-ECDM process with textured wire surface: An experimental investigation on kerf overcut reduction and straightness improvementSingh T.; Dvivedi, Akshay; Arya R.K.
2016Fire performance of earthquake-damaged reinforced-concrete structuresShah A.H.; Sharma, Umesh Kumar; Kamath P.; Bhargava, Pradeep; Reddy G.R.; Singh T.
2021Impact of gas film thickness on the performance of RM-ECDM process during machining of glassSingh T.; Dvivedi, Akshay
2016KCNQ1 mutations associated with Jervell and Lange-Nielsen syndrome and autosomal recessive Romano-Ward syndrome in India-expanding the spectrum of long QT syndrome type 1Vyas B.; Puri R.D.; Namboodiri N.; Nair M.; Sharma D.; Movva S.; Saxena R.; Bohora S.; Aggarwal N.; Vora A.; Kumar J.; Singh T.; Verma I.C.
2018Late quaternary fluvial incision and aggradation in the Lesser Himalaya, IndiaDosseto A.; May J.-H.; Choi J.-H.; Swander Z.J.; Fink D.; Korup O.; Hesse P.; Singh T.; Mifsud C.; Srivastava, P.