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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A depth analysis for different structures of organic thin film transistors: Modeling of performance limiting issuesMittal P.; Negi, Yuvraj Singh; Singh R.K.
2011A solution study of the interaction of the Cu(II) ions with HisGlyGlyTrp tetrapeptide and its evaluation as superoxide dismutase mimetic complexSingh R.K.; Srivastava, Vimal Chandra; Singh U.P.
2015An analytical approach for parameter extraction in linear and saturation regions of top and bottom contact organic transistorsMittal P.; Negi, Yuvraj Singh; Singh R.K.
2012Analysis of top and bottom contact organic transistor performance for different technology nodesMittal P.; Negi, Yuvraj Singh; Singh R.K.
2013Analytical modeling and parameter extraction of organic thin film transistor: Effect of contact resistance, doping concentration and field dependent mobilityMittal P.; Negi, Yuvraj Singh; Singh R.K.
2012Channel length variation effect on performance parameters of organic field effect transistorsMittal P.; Kumar B.; Negi, Yuvraj Singh; Kumar Kaushik, Brajesh; Singh R.K.
2018Closure of municipal solid waste dumps. Site rating for odor impactKumar A.; Datta M.; Nema A.K.; Singh R.K.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram
2021Complexity analyses of Godavari and Krishna river streamflow using the concept of entropySingh R.K.; Jain, Manoj Kumar
2010Copper (II) - HisAibGly complex and its superoxide dismutase activitySingh R.K.; Prasad S.; Singh U.P.
2007Copper (II) complexes with Ac-HXH-NHMe (X=Gly, Ala and Aib) peptide motifs: Influence of increasing CH3 groups at Cα of residue X on the coordination in solutionSingh R.K.; Srivastava, Vimal Chandra; Singh U.P.
2006Design and synthesis of de novo peptide for manganese bindingSingh U.P.; Singh R.K.; Isogai Y.; Shiro Y.
2008DNA cleavage study using copper (II)-GlyAibHis: A tripeptide complex based on ATCUN peptide motifsSingh R.K.; Sharma N.K.; Prasad, Ramasare A.; Singh, Udai Pratap
2021Highly efficient Co(II) porphyrin catalysts for the extractive oxidative desulfurization of dibenzothiophene in fuel oils under mild conditionsTripathi D.; Yadav I.; Negi H.; Singh R.K.; Srivastava, Vimal Chandra; Sankar, Muniappan
2018Hydrodynamic simulation of a cloudburst event in Asi Ganga valley of Indian Himalayan region using MIKE11 and GIS techniquesVilluri V.G.K.; Pasupuleti S.; Jain, Kamal; Gairola A.; Singh R.K.
2015Impact of pre-annealing temperature on the formation of Cu2ZnSnS4 absorber layerPani B.; Singh R.K.; Singh U.P.
2014Impact of source and drain contact thickness on the performance of organic thin film transistorsMittal P.; Negi, Yuvraj Singh; Singh R.K.
2018Improved rating system for hazard assessment related to subsurface migration of landfill gas from municipal solid waste landfills and dumpsKumar A.; Datta M.; Nema A.K.; Singh R.K.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram
2020In vitro and ex vivo relaxometric properties of ethylene glycol coated gadolinium oxide nanoparticles for potential use as contrast agents in magnetic resonance imagingChaturvedi A.; Pranjali P.; Meher M.K.; Raj R.; Basak M.; Singh R.K.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan; Kumar D.; Guleria A.
2011Kinetics of esterification of ethylene glycol with acetic acid using cation exchange resincatalystYadav V.P.; Maity S.K.; Biswas, Prakash; Singh R.K.
2018Lapse time and frequency-dependent coda wave attenuation for Delhi and its surrounding regionsDas R.; Mukhopadhyay, Sagarika; Singh R.K.; Baidya P.R.