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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Analyses of total magnetic anomalies over the northeastern marginal part of Deccan traps and adjoining areas of Central IndiaSingh V.P.; Singh O.P.; Agrawal B.N.P.; Shanker, Dayasfeq
2015Effects of errors and biases on the scaling of earthquake spatial pattern: Application to the 2004 Sumatra–Andaman sequencePadhy, Simanchal; Mishra O.P.; Subhadra N.; Dimri V.P.; Singh O.P.; Chakrabortty G.K.
2006Magnetic study of cerium-iron-transition metal mixed compoundsThakur A.N.; Singh S.V.; Singh U.P.; Yadav S.K.; Maurya K.C.; Vishwakarma S.C.; Singh O.P.
2016Multi-incident angle approach to retrieve soil parameters for specular scatteringPrakash R.; Singh, Dharmendra; Singh O.P.