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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A comparative study of BPNN, RBFNN and ELMAN neural network for short-term electric load forecasting: A case study of Delhi regionSingh N.K.; Singh A.K.; Tripathy M.; Arya K.V.; Kumar S.
2011A radial basis function neural network approach for multi-hour short term load-price forecasting with type of day parameterSingh N.K.; Tripathy M.; Singh A.K.
2016Alleviation of toxic hexavalent chromium using indigenous aerobic bacteria isolated from contaminated tannery industry sitesPandey S.; Singh N.K.; Bansal A.K.; Arutchelvan V.; Sarkar S.
2015Cu(II), Zn(II) and Mn(II) complexes of NNS tridentate and Pd(II) complex of NN(μ-S) tetradentate thiobenzyl esters: Synthesis, spectral and X-ray characterizationBharati P.; Bharti A.; Bharty M.K.; Singh N.K.; Kashyap S.; Singh U.P.; Butcher R.J.
2012Deltamethrin and cypermethrin resistance status of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus collected from six agro-climatic regions of IndiaSharma A.K.; Kumar R.; Kumar S.; Nagar G.; Singh N.K.; Rawat S.S.; Dhakad M.L.; Rawat A.K.S.; Ray D.D.; Ghosh S.
2019Development of 42-GHz, 200-kW gyrotron for indian tokamak system tested in the regime of short pulselengthBera A.; Singh N.K.; Kumar N.; Rathi D.; Satynaryana K.; Singh U.; Kulkarni S.V.; Mishra A.K.; Vishant; Khatun H.; Alaria M.K.; Varia A.; Parmar K.; Kadia B.; Srinivas Y.S.S.; Kevadia M.; Ranjan O.; Pareek N.; Babu R.; Das S.; Jain P.K.; Sinha A.K.; Kartikeyan M.V.; Joshi S.
2017Effect of intermittent aeration on microbial diversity in an intermittently aerated IFAS reactor treating municipal wastewater: A field studyBhatia A.; Singh N.K.; Bhando T.; Pathania R.; Kazmi A.A.
2019Electrospinning: An Efficient Biopolymer-Based Micro- And Nanofibers Fabrication TechniqueYadav T.C.; Srivastava A.K.; Mishra P.; Singh D.; Raghuwanshi N.; Singh N.K.; Singh A.K.; Tiwari S.K.; Prasad R.; Pruthi V.
2013Hg(II) complexes of 4-phenyl-5-(3-pyridyl)-1,2,4-triazole-3-thione and 5-(4-pyridyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazole-2-thione and a Ni(II) complex of 5-(thiophen-2-yl)-1,3,4-oxadiazole-2-thione: Synthesis and X-ray structural studiesBharti A.; Bharty M.K.; Kashyap S.; Singh U.P.; Butcher R.J.; Singh N.K.
2012Mn(II) complexes of N0-(2-methoxybenzoyl)hydrazine carbodithioic acid ethyl ester: Synthesis, spectral and structural characterizationSingh M.; Bharty M.K.; Singh A.; Kashyap S.; Singh U.P.; Singh N.K.
2012Selection of hidden layer neurons and best training method for FFNN in application of long term load forecastingSingh N.K.; Singh A.K.; Tripathy M.
2014Short term load forecasting using genetically optimized radial basis function neural networkSingh N.K.; Singh A.K.; Tripathy M.; Masoum M.A.S.; Abu-Siada A.
2015Short-term load/price forecasting in deregulated electric environment using ELMAN neural networkSingh N.K.; Singh A.K.; Tripathy M.
2009Synthesis, characterization and spectroscopic studies of a new ligand [N′-(2-methoxybenzoyl)hydrazinecarbodithioate] ethyl ester and its Mn(II) and Cd(II) complexes: X-ray structural study of Mn(II) complexSingh M.; Aggarwal V.; Singh U.P.; Singh N.K.
2013Synthesis, spectral and structural characterization of Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II), Cd(II) and Hg(II) complexes with 2-mercapto-5-methyl-1,3,4-thiadiazole: A Zn(II) complex acting as a new sensitive and selective fluorescent probe for the detection of Hg2+ in H2O-MeOH mediumBharati P.; Bharti A.; Bharty M.K.; Kashyap S.; Singh U.P.; Singh N.K.
2010Synthesis, spectral and structural studies of a Mn(II) complex of [N′-(pyridine-4-carbonyl)-hydrazine]-carbodithioic acid ethyl ester and Mn(II) and Ni(II) complexes of [N′-(pyridine-4-carbonyl)-hydrazine]-carbodithioic acid methyl esterSingh N.K.; Bharty M.K.; Kushawaha S.K.; Singh U.P.; Tyagi P.
2009Synthesis, spectroscopic and crystal structure investigation of [Cu(bzsmp) 2 Cl 2 ];{bzsmp = 2-benzylsulfanyl-5-(2-methoxyphenyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazole}: cyclization of N 2 -[bis(benzylsulfanyl)methylene]-2-methoxybenzohydrazide to 2-benzylsulfanyl-5-(2-methoxyphenyl)-1,3,4 -oxadiazole during complexationSingh M.; Aggarwal V.; Singh U.P.; Singh N.K.
2015Trinuclear supramolecular Zn(II) complexes derived from N′-(pyridine carbonyl) hydrazine carboperthioates: Synthesis, structural characterization, luminescent properties and metalloaromaticityBharati P.; Bharti A.; Chaudhari U.K.; Bharty M.K.; Kashyap S.; Singh U.P.; Singh N.K.