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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A fuzzy interactive approach for optimal portfolio managementDeep, K.; Singh K.P.; Kansal, Mitthan Lal; Mohan C.
2008A fuzzy interactive method for multiobjective engineering design problemsDeep, K.; Singh K.P.; Kansal, Mitthan Lal
2009A real coded genetic algorithm for solving integer and mixed integer optimization problemsDeep, K.; Singh K.P.; Kansal, Mitthan Lal; Mohan C.
2007A remote sensing assessment of pest infestation on sorghumSingh, Dharmendra; Sao R.; Singh K.P.
2019A Step for Digital Agriculture by Estimating Near Real Time Soil Moisture with Scatsat-1 DataMaurya A.K.; Murugan D.; Singh, Dharmendra; Singh K.P.
2015An efficient use of random forest technique for SAR data classificationGupta S.; Singh, Dharmendra; Singh K.P.; Kumar, Sandeep
2011An interactive method using genetic algorithm for multi-objective optimization problems modeled in fuzzy environmentDeep, K.; Singh K.P.; Kansal, Mitthan Lal; Mohan C.
2017An object linked intelligent classification method for hyperspectral imagesMishra A.; Rajput N.S.; Singh K.P.; Singh, Dharmendra
2013Analysis and retrieval of soil parameters with specular scattering data at different incidence anglePrakash R.; Singh, Dharmendra; Singh K.P.
2020Carbon-Based Adsorbents from Naturally Available Bermuda Grasses: Removal of TDS and Arsenic IonsChini M.K.; Purohit S.; Bheemaraju A.; Chakraborty T.; Singh K.P.; Ivaturi A.; Satapathi, Soumitra
2014Critical analysis of deorientation effect on various land covers: An application of POLSAR dataMishra P.; Singh K.P.; Singh, Dharmendra; Rajput N.S.
2006Detection of coal mine fires in the Jharia coal field using NOAA/AVHRR dataAgarwal R.; Singh, Dharmendra; Chauhan D.S.; Singh K.P.
2016Development of electromagnetic approach for early breast tumor detectionKumar N.; Mishra V.; Smitha P.; Singh, Dharmendra; Singh K.P.; Rajput N.S.
2018Development of fusion approach for estimation of vegetation fraction cover with drone and sentinel-2 dataMaurya A.K.; Singh, Dharmendra; Singh K.P.
2019Different Modality Based Remote Sensing Data Fusion Approach for Efficient Classification of Agriculture and Urban SubclassesChaudhri S.N.; Rajput N.S.; Singh K.P.; Singh, Dharmendra
2014Fuzzy-based interactive method for solution of bi- And multi-level programming problemsSingh K.P.; Deep, K.; Kansal, Mitthan Lal
2014GA-NR for optimal design of water distribution networksSingh K.P.; Kansal, Mitthan Lal; Deep, K.
2011Genetic algorithm based fuzzy weighted average for multi-criteria decision making problemsDeep, K.; Singh K.P.; Kansal, Mitthan Lal
2003Ground-based scatterometer measurements of periodic surface roughness and correlation length for remote sensingSingh, Dharmendra; Singh K.P.; Herlin I.; Sharma S.K.
2018L x-ray production cross sections in high-Z atoms by 3–5 MeV/u silicon ionsOswal M.; Kumar S.; Singh U.; Singh G.; Singh K.P.; Mehta D.; Mitnik D.; Montanari C.C.; Nandi T.