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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A binary-tree element subdivision method for evaluation of nearly singular domain integrals with continuous or discontinuous kernelZhang J.; Chi B.; Singh K.M.; Zhong Y.; Ju C.
2018A new interpolating mls in mlpg method for heat conduction problemSingh R.; Singh K.M.; Massarotti N.; Nithiarasu P.; Dutta P.; Ranganayakulu C.
2005A parallel fictitious domain multigrid preconditioner for the solution of Poisson's equation in complex geometriesSingh K.M.; Williams J.J.R.
1998An algorithm based on total-elastic-incremental-plastic strain for large deformation plasticityRamakrishnan N.; Singh K.M.; Suresh R.K.V.; Srinivasan N.
2000Analytical integration of weakly singular integrals in boundary element analysis of Helmholtz and advection-diffusion equationsSingh K.M.; Tanaka M.
1995Application of cubic Hermitian algorithms to boundary element analysis of heat conductionSingh K.M.; Kalra M.S.
2004Application of the additive Schwarz method to large scale Poisson problemsSingh K.M.; Williams J.J.R.
2001Dual reciprocity boundary element analysis of inverse heat conduction problemsSingh K.M.; Tanaka M.
1999Dual reciprocity boundary element analysis of nonlinear diffusion: temporal discretizationSingh K.M.; Tanaka M.
2003Dual reciprocity boundary element analysis of transient advection-diffusionSingh K.M.; Tanaka M.
2007Elementary analytical integrals required in subtraction of singularity method for evaluation of weakly singular boundary integralsSingh K.M.; Tanaka M.
2019Estimation of thermal contact conductance using transient approach with inverse heat conduction problemAsif M.; Tariq A.; Singh K.M.
2013Exergoeconomic optimisation of a cogeneration system using exergy splitting methodSahoo P.K.; Wolduamlak B.; Singh K.M.
2010Experimental and numerical investigations on flow through wedge shape rib roughened ductGandhi B.K.; Singh K.M.
2015Immersed boundary method for CFD analysis of moving boundary problems in openFOAMSingh K.M.; Nonaka N.; Oh U.
2009Improvement in the design of a centrifugal impeller for an oil cooling blower system using computational fluid dynamicsMittal A.; Gandhi B.K.; Singh K.M.
2019Interpolating meshless local Petrov-Galerkin method for steady state heat conduction problemSingh R.; Singh K.M.
2009Investigation of heat transfer and friction characteristics of packed bed solar air heater using wire mesh as packing materialPrasad S.B.; Saini J.S.; Singh K.M.
2015Iterative solvers for meshless Petrov Galerkin (MLPG) method applied to large scale engineering problems challengesSingh R.; Singh K.M.
1993Least squares finite element formulation in the time domain for the dual reciprocity boundary element method in heat conductionSingh K.M.; Kalra M.S.