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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Approximation by iterates of Beta operatorsAgrawal P.N.; Singh K.K.; Mishra V.K.
1996Baryon-number density in hadronic gas models and baryon asymmetry in the early UniversePatra B.K.; Singh K.K.; Uddin S.; Singh C.P.
2014Catalytic cracking of glycerol to fine chemicals over equilibrium fluid catalytic cracking catalystNaik D.V.; Singh K.K.; Kumar V.; Prasad B.; Behera B.; Bangwal D.P.; Atheya N.; Garg M.O.
2014Catalytic cracking of pyrolysis oil oxygenates (aliphatic and aromatic) with vacuum gas oil and their characterizationNaik D.V.; Kumar V.; Prasad B.; Behera B.; Atheya N.; Singh K.K.; Adhikari D.K.; Garg M.O.
2009Computationally efficient analysis of cable-stayed bridge for GA-based optimizationLute V.; Upadhyay A.; Singh K.K.
2007Developing operation policy for on-farm reservoirGupta S.K.; Singh K.K.; Ojha C.S.P.
2008Estimation of removal efficiency for settling basins using neural networks and support vector machinesSingh K.K.; Mahesh P.; Ojha C.S.P.; Singh V.P.
2018Evaluating the performance of RegCM4.0 climate model for climate change impact assessment on wheat and rice crop in diverse agro-climatic zones of Uttar Pradesh, IndiaMall R.K.; Singh N.; Singh K.K.; Sonkar G.; Gupta A.
2018Evaluation of RegCM4 climate model for assessment of climate change impact on crop productionSingh N.; Mall R.K.; Sonkar G.; Singh K.K.; Gupta A.
2017Forecasting of wheat yield in various agro-climatic regions of Bihar by using CERES-wheat modelSingh P.K.; Singh K.K.; Singh P.; Balasubramanian R.; Baxla A.K.; Kumar B.; Gupta A.; Rathore L.S.; Kalra N.
2012Higher order approximation by iterates of modified beta operatorsAgrawal P.N.; Singh K.K.
2017Impact of projected climate change on rice (Oryza sativa L.) yield using CERES-rice model in different agroclimatic zones of IndiaSingh P.K.; Singh K.K.; Bhan S.C.; Baxla A.K.; Singh S.; Rathore L.S.; Gupta A.
2005Improvement in irrigation efficiency using on-farm reservoir and its efficient operationSingh K.K.; Ojha C.S.P.
2010Lp-approximation by iterates of Bernstein-Durrmeyer type polynomialsAgrawal P.N.; Singh K.K.; Gairola A.R.
2015Potential yield and yield gap analysis of rice (Oryza sativa L) in eastern and north eastern regions of India using CERES-rice modelSingh P.K.; Singh K.K.; Bhan S.C.; Baxla A.K.; Gupta A.; Balasubramanian R.; Rathore L.S.
2014Processing of fast pyrolysis oil-derived tar fraction in fluid catalytic cracking unitNaik V.; Prasad B.; Singh K.K.; Adhikari D.K.; Poddar M.K.; Atheya N.; Kumar V.; Buchan D.
2018Rainfall variability analysis of Uttar Pradesh for crop planning and managementKumar A.; Tripathi P.; Gupta A.; Singh K.K.; Singh P.K.; Singh R.; Singh R.S.; Tripathi A.
2007Rational design of an on-farm reservoirOjha C.S.P.; Singh K.K.; Gupta S.K.V.
2016Rice (Oryza sativa L.) yield gap using the CERES-rice model of climate variability for different agroclimatic zones of IndiaSingh P.K.; Singh K.K.; Rathore L.S.; Baxla A.K.; Bhan S.C.; Gupta A.; Gohain G.B.; Balasubramanian R.; Singh R.S.; Mall R.K.
2001Single storm runoff analysis using z-transformTurner J.E.; Dooge J.C.I.; Bree T.; Ojha C.S.P.; Singh K.K.; Verma D.V.S.