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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A Bidirectional Heuristic Search for web service composition with costsUkey N.; Niyogi, Rajdeep; Singh K.; Milani A.; Poggioni V.
2010A bidirectional heuristic search technique for web service compositionUkey N.; Niyogi, Rajdeep; Milani A.; Singh K.
2011A comparison of 2D moment based description techniques for classification of bamboo plantSingh K.; Gupta, Indra; Gupta S.
2008A critical analysis to generate change detection map using SAR interferometry for land subsidence monitoring of new orleans city of USAChamundeeswari V.V.; Singh, Dharmendra; Singh K.; Wiesbeck W.
2018A nitrogen-ligated nickel-catalyst enables selective intermolecular cyclisation of β- And γ-amino alcohols with ketones: Access to five and six-membered N-heterocyclesSingh K.; Vellakkaran M.; Banerjee, Debasis
2020A qualitative approach towards crucial factors for sustainable development of women social entrepreneurship: Indian casesAgarwal S.; Lenka, Usha; Singh K.; Agrawal V.; Agrawal A.M.
2009Agrarian crisis and depeasantisation in Punjab: Status of small/marginal farmers who left agricultureSingh K.; Singh, Sukhpal P.; Kingra H.S.
2007An adaptive method with integration of multi-wavelet based features for unsupervised classification of SAR imagesChamundeeswari V.V.; Singh, Dharmendra; Singh K.
2009An analysis of texture measures in PCA-based unsupervised classification of SAR imagesChamundeeswari V.V.; Singh, Dharmendra; Singh K.
2017An Efficient and Selective Nickel-Catalyzed Direct N-Alkylation of Anilines with AlcoholsVellakkaran M.; Singh K.; Banerjee, Debasis
2019“Ant-Wall” model to study drug release from excipient matrixSingh K.; Satapathi, Soumitra; Jha, Prateek K.
2012Applications of geocells in cohesionless soil an experimental studyMittal, Satyendra; Biswas S.; Singh K.
2008Behaviour of vertical cuts using soil Nailing techniques in saturated conditionsMittal, Satyendra; Singh K.; Mathur S.
2017Bipolar resistive switching characteristics of silicon carbide nitride (SiCN)-based devices for nonvolatile memory applicationsSingh N.; Singh K.; Kaur D.
2010Bus impedance matrix based approach for congestion management in deregulated environmentSingh K.; Padhy, Narayana Prasad; Sharma J.D.
2011Classification of bamboo plant based on digital image processing by central momentSingh K.; Gupta, Indra; Gupta S.
2021Comparison of PMT and APD Based Receiver for Air to Underwater Laser CommunicationYadav M.; Mishra S.K.; Vasan N.S.; Wasan, Ajay; Singh K.; Gupta A.K.; Khare S.; Dixit N.; Pant K.
2010Comparison of PNN-PCA with SVM-BDT and moment based technique for leaf shape recognition and classificationSingh K.; Gupta, Indra; Gupta S.
2011Congestion management considering hydro-thermal combined operation in a pool based electricity marketSingh K.; Padhy, Narayana Prasad; Sharma J.
2014Congestion management considering optimal placement of distributed generator in deregulated power system networksSingh K.; Yadav V.K.; Padhy, Narayana Prasad; Sharma J.