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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20091-(2-Bromo-benz-yl)-3-isopropyl-benz-imid-azolin-2-oneManjare S.T.; Butcher R.J.; Goel N.; Singh U.P.; Singh H.B.
2013A review on crop losses, epidemiology and disease management of rice brown spot to identify research priorities and knowledge gapsBarnwal M.K.; Kotasthane A.; Magculia N.; Mukherjee P.K.; Savary S.; Sharma A.K.; Singh H.B.; Singh U.S.; Sparks A.H.; Variar M.; Zaidi N.
1982Complexes of Organotellurium Halides with N, P, O, and S Donors.Srivastava T. N.; Singh M.; Singh H.B.
2010Hydrolysis of 2-phenylazophenyltellurium trihalides: Isolation of an unprecedented homometallic, discrete heptanuclear organotellurium oxide clusterSrivastava K.; Sharma S.; Singh H.B.; Singh U.P.; Butcher R.J.
2010Isolation and reactivity of an unusually stable organoselenenyl azideSrivastava K.; Chakraborty T.; Singh H.B.; Singh U.P.; Butcher R.J.
2011Methyl ester function: An intramolecular electrophilic trap for the isolation of aryltellurenyl hydroxide and diorganotellurium dihydroxideSelvakumar K.; Singh H.B.; Goel N.; Singh U.P.
1979Organotellurium Derivatives Part (II), Telluracyclopentane Halides, –Psuedo-halides and –Carboxylates.Srivastava T.N.; Srivastava R.C.; Singh H.B.; Singh M.
2012Selenadiazolopyridine: A synthon for supramolecular assembly and complexes with metallophilic interactionsMukherjee G.; Singh P.; Ganguri C.; Sharma S.; Singh H.B.; Goel N.; Singh U.P.; Butcher R.J.
2011Synthesis and structural characterization of pincer type bicyclic diacyloxy- and diazaselenuranesSelvakumar K.; Singh H.B.; Goel N.; Singh U.P.; Butcher R.J.
2012Synthesis of anionic hypervalent cyclic selenenate esters: Relevance to the hypervalent intermediates in nucleophilic substitution reactions at the selenium (II) centerSelvakumar K.; Singh H.B.; Goel N.; Singh U.P.; Butcher R.J.