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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A magnetron-like interaction structure for Gyro-TWTsSingh G.; Basu B.N.; Kartikeyan M.V.; Thumm M.; Thumm M.; Wiesbeck W.
2016A new membrane algorithm using the rules of Particle Swarm Optimization incorporated within the framework of cell-like P-systems to solve SudokuSingh G.; Deep K.
2016Biodegradation of nanocrystalline cellulose by two environmentally-relevant consortiaSingh G.; Chandoha-Lee C.; Zhang W.; Renneckar S.; Vikesland P.J.; Pruden A.
2014Cell-like P-systems based on rules of Particle Swarm OptimizationSingh G.; Deep K.; Nagar A.K.
2017Cell-like P-systems using deterministic update rules to solve SudokuSingh G.; Deep K.
2010Centrality dependence of nonstatistical fluctuation in single particle density distribution in 32S-Ag/Br INTERACTION at 200A GeV/cGhosh M.K.; Mukhopadhyay A.; Roychowdhury D.; Singh G.
2006Conceptual design studies of an 84 GHz, 500 kW, CW gyrotronKartikeyan M.V.; Singh G.; Borie E.; Piosczyk B.; Thumm M.
2018Design and analysis of rhombus-shaped dual-core propylene glycol filled PCFKumari N.; Shahiruddin; Singh D.K.; Hassan M.A.; Minzioni P.; Janyani V.; Tiwari M.; Singh G.
2005Design studies of an 84 GHz, 500 kW, CW gyrotronKartikeyan M.V.; Singh G.; Borie E.; Piosczyk B.; Thumm M.
2010Effect of citric acid content on synthesis of LiNi1/3Mn1/3Co1/3O2 and its electrochemical characteristicsSingh G.; Sil A.; Ghosh S.; Panwar A.
2014Effect of drinking water treatment process parameters on biological removal of manganese from surface waterHoyland V.W.; Knocke W.R.; Falkinham J.O.; Pruden A.; Singh G.
2017Effectiveness of new Multiple-PSO based Membrane Optimization Algorithms on CEC 2014 benchmarks and Iris classificationSingh G.; Deep K.
2002Effects of beam and magnetic field parameters on highly competing TE 01 and TE21 modes of vane loaded gyro-TWTSingh G.; Kartikeyan M.V.; Sinha A.K.; Basu B.N.
2017Efficacy of acetate-amended biostimulation for uranium sequestration: Combined analysis of sediment/groundwater geochemistry and bacterial community structureXu J.; Veeramani H.; Qafoku N.P.; Singh G.; Riquelme M.V.; Pruden A.; Kukkadapu R.K.; Gartman B.N.; Hochella M.F.Jr.
2016Elastic Coulomb breakup of Na 34Singh G.; Shubhchintak; Chatterjee R.
2012Evaluating the use of manganese oxidizing bacteria in surface water treatment plantsHoyland V.W.; Knocke W.R.; Pruden A.; Falkinham III J.O.; Singh G.
2007Feasibility study of axially- extracted virtual cathode oscillatorSingh G.; Kartikeyan M.V.
2018Fog hazard of Indo-Gangetic plain: Mapping, modelling and dispersion techniquesSaraf A.K.; Das J.; Sharma K.; Singh G.; Borgohain S.
2006Gain and bandwidth analysis of a vane-loaded gyro-TWTSingh G.; Kartikeyan M.V.; Park G.S.
2006Gain-frequency response of nearby waveguide modes in vane-loaded gyro-TWTSingh G.; Kartikeyan M.V.; Basu B.N.