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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Attenuation characteristics in eastern Himalaya and southern Tibetan Plateau: An understanding of the physical state of the mediumSingh S.; Singh C.; Biswas R.; Mukhopadhyay, Sagarika; Sahu H.
2019Bandstop Passive Filter Characteristics of Hexagonal Ferrite Composites at X-BandSingh C.; Bai Y.; Narang S.B.; Mishra S.R.; Singh, Dharmendra; Sombra A.S.B.; Jotania R.; Trukhanov S.V.; Trukhanov A.V.; Ghimire M.; Kagdi A.
2018Elucidation of microwave absorption mechanisms in Co–Ga substituted Ba–Sr hexaferrites in X-bandKaur H.; Singh C.; Marwaha A.; Narang S.B.; Jotania R.; Mishra S.R.; Bai Y.; Raju K.C.J.; Singh, Dharmendra; Ghimire M.; Dhruv P.; Sombra A.S.B.
2016Flow restrictive and shear reducing effect of magnetization relaxation in ferrofluid cavity flowSingh C.; Das, Arup Kumar; Das P.K.
2018Levitation of non-magnetizable droplet inside ferrofluidSingh C.; Das, Arup Kumar; Das P.K.
2011Lg attenuation characteristics across the Indian shieldSingh C.; Singh A.; Mukhopadhyay, Sagarika; Shekar M.; Chadha R.K.
2019PgQ model for Nepal HimalayaSingh C.; Jaiswal N.; Mukhopadhyay, Sagarika
2016Single-mode instability of a ferrofluid-mercury interface under a nonuniform magnetic fieldSingh C.; Das, Arup Kumar; Das P.K.
2015Study of lapse time dependence coda Q in the Andaman Islands using the aftershocks of the 2002 earthquake (M w 6.5)Singh C.; Mukhopadhyay, Sagarika; Singh S.; Chakraborty P.; Kayal J.R.
2019Tailoring of Electromagnetic Absorption in Substituted Hexaferrites from 8.2 GHz to 12.4 GHzKaur H.; Marwaha A.; Singh C.; Narang S.B.; Jotania R.; Bai Y.; Mishra S.R.; Singh, Dharmendra; Sombra A.S.B.; Ghimire M.; Dhruv P.