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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19932,6-Diacetylpyridinesalicylaldazine complexes of bivalent metal ionsSingh B.; Singh U.R.
2017A biotechnological approach for degradation of inhibitory compounds present in lignocellulosic biomass hydrolysate liquor using Bordetella sp. BTIITRSingh B.; Verma A.; Pooja; Mandal P.K.; Datta S.
2012A comparative study of different approaches of noise removal for document imagesSingh B.; Mridula; Chand V.; Mittal A.; Ghosh D.
2011A modified algorithm for maternal heart rate detection using RR intervalSingh B.; Nagarkoti S.K.; Kaushik B.K.
2012A modified probabilistic neural network-based algorithm for detecting turn faults in induction machinesSeshadrinath J.; Singh B.; Panigrahi B.
2015A nonlinear criterion for triaxial strength of inherently anisotropic rocksSingh M.; Samadhiya N.K.; Kumar A.; Kumar V.; Singh B.
1995A semi-empirical method for the design of support systems in underground openingsSingh B.; Viladkar M.N.; Samadhiya N.K.; Sandeep
2016Analyzing genetic algorithm for web service selectionPurohit L.; Kumar S.; Kshirsagar D.; Bisht S.; Singh B.; AlindShukla S.; Pandey P.; Sethi J.; Prakash G.L.; Kumar A.; Prasad A.
2013Analyzing rainfall effects for sustainable rainfed maize productivity in foothills of Northwest HimalayasSharma A.; Sankar G.R.M.; Arora S.; Gupta V.; Singh B.; Kumar J.; Mishra P.K.
2011Artificial neural network model as a potential alternative for groundwater salinity forecastingBanerjee P.; Singh V.S.; Chatttopadhyay K.; Chandra P.C.; Singh B.
1995Bivalent 3d-metal complexes of malonyl- and succinyldihydrazide based macrocyclic ligands. Synthesis and characterizationSingh B.; Singh U.R.
2012Broken rotor bar detection in variable frequency induction motor drives using wavelet energy based methodSeshadrinath J.; Singh B.; Panigrahi B.K.
2012Characterization of surfaces produced by abrasive flow machining under magnetic field assistanceSingh S.; Shan H.S.; Kumar P.; Singh B.
2005Complex dynamic behavior in a food web consisting of two preys and a predatorGakkhar S.; Singh B.
2017Control of shape and size of poly (lactic acid) microspheres based on surfactant and polymer concentrationSingh B.; Singh P.; Sutherland A.J.; Pal K.
2016Convergence of Matrix Means of Mellin Fourier SeriesSingh U.; Singh B.
2015Critical state mechanics based strength criterion for inherently anisotropic rocksSingh M.; Samadhiya N.K.; Singh B.; HassaniHadjigeorgiouArchibald
2005Critical state mechanics in non-critical failure criteria for rocksSingh M.; Singh B.; Shanker D.
2019Development of High-Temperature Ranking Parameter for Asphalt Binders Using Arrhenius ModelSaboo N.; Singh B.; Kumar P.
2006DSP based implementation of vector controlled induction motor drive using fuzzy pre-compensated proportional integral speed controllersSingh B.; Choudhuri S.G.