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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A displacement based approach for seismic analysis and design of cantilever sheet pile walls under surcharge loadingSingh A.P.; Chatterjee, Kaustav
2013A review of modeling and control during drilling of fiber reinforced plastic compositesSingh A.P.; Sharma M.; Singh, Inderdeep
2020A Simplified Method for Seismic Design of Cantilever Sheet Pile Walls under Infinite Uniform Surcharge LoadSingh A.P.; Chatterjee, Kaustav
2010An application of regional time and magnitude predictable model for long-term earthquake prediction in the vicinity of October 8, 2005 Kashmir Himalaya earthquakeYadav R.B.S.; Shanker, Dayasfeq; Chopra S.; Singh A.P.
2020Analysis of sheet pile walls under surcharge loading at different distances using FLAC2DSingh A.P.; Chatterjee, Kaustav
2021Effect of Soil–Wall Friction Angle on Behaviour of Sheet Pile Wall Under Surcharge LoadingSingh A.P.; Chatterjee, Kaustav
2020Ground Settlement and Deflection Response of Cantilever Sheet Pile Wall Subjected to Surcharge LoadingSingh A.P.; Chatterjee, Kaustav
2020Influence of Curvature Ratio on Perforation of 2024 Aluminium by Conical ImpactorSenthil K.; Rupali S.; Iqbal, Mohammad Ashraf; Thakur A.; Singh A.P.; Bhaduri A.K.; Kumar R.S.; Nagesha A.; Sasikala G.; Prakash R.V.
2020Influence of soil type on static response of cantilever sheet pile walls under surcharge loading: a numerical studySingh A.P.; Chatterjee, Kaustav
2021Integrating corporate sustainability and sustainable development goals: towards a multi-stakeholder frameworkSingh A.P.; Rahman, Zillur
2020Lateral earth pressure and bending moment on sheet pile walls due to uniform surchargeSingh A.P.; Chatterjee, Kaustav
2020Numerical Analysis of Sheet Pile Walls with Strip Load on Backfill Soil Using FLAC2DSingh A.P.; Chatterjee, Kaustav
2014Optimal control during drilling in GFRP composite laminatesSingh A.P.; Sharma M.; Singh, Inderdeep
2017Optimal control of thrust force for delamination-free drilling in glass-fiber-reinforced plastic laminatesSingh A.P.; Sharma M.; Singh, Inderdeep
2021Performance assessment of higher educational institutions in India using data envelopment analysis and re-evaluation of NIRF RankingsSingh A.P.; Yadav, Shiv Prasad; Tyagi P.
2014PID control of torque during drilling in GFRP laminatesSingh A.P.; Sharma M.; Singh, Inderdeep
2020Prediction of dynamic amplification factor on clay brick masonry assemblageThakur A.; Senthil K.; Singh A.P.; Iqbal, Mohammad Ashraf
2008Studies on the genera Frullania Raddi and Jubula Dum. from Meghalaya (India): Eastern HimalayasSingh A.P.; Kumar D.; Nath V.
2021Synthesis of MCM-41 supported cobalt (II) complex for the formation of polyhydroquinoline derivativesSharma S.; Singh, Udai Pratap; Singh A.P.
2011The 2007 Talala, Saurashtra, western India earthquake sequence: Tectonic implications and seismicity triggeringYadav R.B.S.; Papadimitriou E.E.; Karakostas V.G.; Shanker D.; Rastogi B.K.; Chopra S.; Singh A.P.; Kumar Santosh