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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A Research Review on Analysis and Interpretation of Arrhythmias using ECG SignalsSingh G. K.; Sharma A.; Velusami S.
2009Automatic Detection of Diagnostic Features using Real-Time ECG Signals: Application to Patients Prone to Cardiac ArrhythmiasSingh G. K.; Sharma A.; Velusami S.
1992Computer Aided Design and Analysis of Poly-Phase Armature Windings using Process of SymmetrizationSingh G. K.; Bhattacharyya M.
2017Modeling and Analysis of Six-Phase Synchronous Motor under Fault ConditionSingh G. K.; Iqbal A.
1994Modeling and Analysis of Symmetrical Six-phase Induction Motor with Single Phase Rotor based on Primitive Machine ModelSingh G. K.; Bisht T.D.; Paliwal L.N.
1992Performance of Induction Motor with Optimized Symmetrized Windings and Operating on Non-Sinusoidal SupplySingh G. K.; Bhattacharyya M.
1994Six-Phase Synchronous Alternator--Mathematical Modeling and Transient AnalysisSingh G. K.
2020Small Signal Stability of Three-Phase and Six-Phase Synchronous Motor: A Comparative AnalysisSingh G. K.;  Iqbal A.