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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A new slack DEA model to estimate the impact of slacks on the efficienciesAgarwal S.; Yadav, Shiv Prasad; Singh, Sukhpal P.
2017Addressing the agrarian crisis in Punjab: Role of agro-markets and policySingh, Sukhpal P.
2021Agrarian crisis and agricultural labourer suicides in PunjabSingh, Sukhpal P.; Kaur M.; Kingra H.S.
2021Agrarian Crisis and Agricultural Market Reforms in South AsiaSingh, Sukhpal P.; Harriss-White B.; Singh L.
2009Agrarian crisis and depeasantisation in Punjab: Status of small/marginal farmers who left agricultureSingh K.; Singh, Sukhpal P.; Kingra H.S.
2005Agrarian crisis with special reference to indebtedness among Punjab farmersSingh, Sukhpal P.; Toor M.S.
2017Agrarian distress beyond cropping pattern and creditSingh, Sukhpal P.
2014Agricultural Diversification in Indian Punjab: An Assessment of Government Intervention Through Contract FarmingSharma N.; Singh, Sukhpal P.
2016Arthiyas in Punjab's APMC Mandis: Inadequate analysis and solutionsSingh, Sukhpal P.
1997Aspects of entrepreneurship in primary food-processing industries in PunjabSingh, Sukhpal P.
2005Changing structure and organisation of agriculture and small farmers in IndiaSingh, Sukhpal P.
2016Child Labour and ‘Nowhere’ Children in Post-reforms IndiaGiri A.K.; Singh, Sukhpal P.
2015Commission agent system: Significance in contemporary agricultural economy of PunjabSingh, Sukhpal P.; Bhogal S.
2000Contract farming for agricultural diversification in the Indian Punjab: A study of performance and problemsSingh, Sukhpal P.
2007Contract farming: Theory and practice in the 21st centurySingh, Sukhpal P.
2002Contracting out solutions: Political economy of contract farming in the Indian PunjabSingh, Sukhpal P.
2011Controlling food inflation: Do supermarkets have a role?Singh, Sukhpal P.
2018Death in the midst of plenty: Farmer suicides in PunjabSingh, Sukhpal P.
2014Depeasantization in Punjab: Status of farmers who left farmingSingh, Sukhpal P.; Bhogal S.
2021Determinants of farmers' access to extension services and adoption of technical inputs: Evidence from indiaNagar A.; Nauriyal, Dinesh Kumar; Singh, Sukhpal P.