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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Communicationless Control of Single Phase Two Winding SEIG by VSI Battery Based SystemSen S.; Singh, Sajjanpal; Choudhuri, Sumit Ghatak
2015A Comparative Analytical Performance of F2DTC and PIDTC of Induction Motor Using DSPACE-1104Venkataramana Naik N.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2012A digital signal processor based performance evaluation of three-phase four-wire shunt active filter for harmonic elimination, reactive power compensation, and balancing of non-linear loads under non-ideal mains voltagesGupta N.; Singh, Sajjanpal; Bansal R.C.
2008A fast acting 1/z controller for shunt active filter operation for harmonics and reactive power compensationPatidar R.D.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2019A Multiport Solar-assisted SRM Drive for HEV ApplicationsThankachan J.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2016A neuro-fuzzy direct torque control using bus-clamped space vector modulationNaik N.V.; Thankachan J.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2015A NF based direct torque control of induction motor drive using BCSVMVenkataramana Naik N.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2021A Novel Interval Type-2 Fuzzy-Based Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor Drive Using Five-Level Diode-Clamped InverterVenkataramana Naik N.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2012A novel type-2 fuzzy logic control of induction motor drive using scalar controlVenkataramana Naik N.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2012A novel type-2 fuzzy logic control of induction motor drive using space vector PWMVenkataramana Naik N.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2010A novel voltage clamped CI-BDC converter and its control for battery storage applicationsNarasimharaju B.L.; Dubey S.P.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2020A Reduced Switch Multiport Converter Drive for Solar-assisted SRM EV with Integrated Driving and Charging FeaturesThankachan J.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2007A review on hydropower plant models and controlKishor N.; Saini, R. P.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2017A study on ocean wave power and utilization for Indian coastal regionMaurya A.K.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2016A Three-Level Fuzzy-2 DTC of Induction Motor Drive Using SVPWMVenkataramana Naik N.; Panda A.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2017A Two-Level Fuzzy Based DTC Using PLLC to Improve the Induction Motor PerformanceNaik V.R.N.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2020A wide speed operable multiport solar-assisted SRM EV drive with integrated driving/charging capabilitiesThankachan J.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2009Active and reactive power control and quality management in DG-grid interfaced systemsPatidar R.D.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2011Active and reactive power control of proton electrolyte membrane fuel cell based distributed generation systemMehta G.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2012Active, reactive and harmonic compensation control of grid interfaced fuel cell systemMehta G.; Singh, Sajjanpal; Patidar R.D.