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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Agents of policy learning and change: U.S. and EU perspectives on cultural trade policySingh, Jatinder Pal
2016Agriculture and Its Discontents: Coalitional Politics at the wto with Special Reference to India's Food Security InterestsSingh, Jatinder Pal; Gupta S.
2016An interpretive structural modeling approach to analyze the interaction between factors of the fair value measurement audit processDoliya P.; Singh, Jatinder Pal
2016Analysing the fair value measurement audit process using interpretive structural modelling: An empirical studyDoliya P.; Singh, Jatinder Pal
2014Cultural networks and UNESCO: Fostering heritage preservation betwixt idealism and participationSingh, Jatinder Pal
2007Culture or commerce? A comparative assessment of international interactions and developing countries at UNESCO, WTO, and beyondSingh, Jatinder Pal
2019Development finance 2.0: do participation and information technologies matter?Singh, Jatinder Pal
2010Development objectives and trade negotiations: Moralistic foreign policy or negotiated trade concessions?Singh, Jatinder Pal
2014Development remix: Representing poverty, culture, and agency in the developing worldSingh, Jatinder Pal
2015Diffusion of power and diplomacy: New meanings, problem solving, and deadlocks in multilateral negotiationsSingh, Jatinder Pal
2010Discounted cash flow and its implication on intangible valuationUzma S.H.; Singh, Jatinder Pal; Kumar N.
2013Effect of board size and promoter ownership on firm value: Some empirical findings from IndiaKumar N.; Singh, Jatinder Pal
2011Fair value accounting: virtues and vicesSingh, Jatinder Pal; Hena Uzma S.
2001From POTS to E-commerce: What have the developing countries learnt about property rights over the last 50 years?Singh, Jatinder Pal
2008Group properties of the Black Scholes equation & its solutionsSingh, Jatinder Pal; Prabakaran S.
2021Has Ind-AS adoption affected earnings management in India?Himanshu; Singh, Jatinder Pal
2013Information technologies, meta-power, and transformations in global politicsSingh, Jatinder Pal
2000Institutional environment and effects of telecommunication privatization and market liberalization in AsiaSingh, Jatinder Pal
2016Introduction: Emerging Powers and the WTOSingh, Jatinder Pal
2008Paulo Freire: Possibilities for dialogic communication in a market-driven information ageSingh, Jatinder Pal