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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A time-shared machine repair problem with mixed spares under N-policyJain M.; Shekhar C.; Shukla S.
2019Analyzing effect of ensemble models on multi-layer perceptron network for software effort estimationShukla S.; Kumar S.; Bal P.R.; Chang C.K.; Chen P.; Goul M.; Oyama K.; Reiff-Marganiec S.; Sun Y.; Wang S.; Wang Z.
2019Applicability of Neural Network Based Models for Software Effort EstimationShukla S.; Kumar S.; Chang C.K.; Chen P.; Goul M.; Oyama K.; Reiff-Marganiec S.; Sun Y.; Wang S.; Wang Z.
2008Assessing informal waste recycling in Kanpur City, IndiaZia H.; Devadas V.; Shukla S.
2017Assessment of sedimentation in Pong and Bhakra reservoirs in Himachal Pradesh, India, using geospatial techniqueShukla S.; Jain S.K.; Kansal M.L.; Chandniha S.K.
2015Effect of multiple location defects on the dynamics of draft gear used in freight railway wagonHarak S.S.; Sharma S.C.; Shukla S.; Gupta P.; Kumar S.; Harsha S.P.
2018Eyes open and eyes close activity recognition using EEG signalsKaur B.; Singh D.; Roy P.P.; Shukla S.; Jagadeesh P.; Chayadevi M.L.; Nagabhushan T.N.; Aradhya V.N.
2018Influence of Zn dispersion in SiC on electromagnetic wave absorption characteristicsSingh S.; Shukla S.; Kumar A.; Singh D.
2014Machine repair problem with an unreliable server and controlled arrival of failed machinesJain M.; Shekhar C.; Shukla S.
2016N-policy for a repairable redundant machining system with controlled ratesJain M.; Shekhar C.; Shukla S.
2013Oligocene larger foraminiferal biostratigraphy and SBZ zonation on western continental shelf, India.Shukla S.; Bajpai S.
2014Physical characterization, magnetic measurements, REE geochemistry and biomonitoring of dust load accumulated during a protracted winter fog period and their implicationsChakarvorty M.; Pati J.K.; Patil S.K.; Shukla S.; Niyogi A.; Saraf A.K.
2018Population growth, land use and land cover transformations, and water quality nexus in the Upper Ganga River basinKumar Shukla A.; Shekhar Prasad Ojha C.; Mijic A.; Buytaert W.; Pathak S.; Dev Garg R.; Shukla S.
2014Probable Role of Anthropogenic Activities in 2013 Flood Disaster in Uttarakhand, IndiaKansal M.L.; Shukla S.; Tyagi A.; Huber W.C.; Huber W.C.
2016Queueing Analysis of Machine Repair Problem with Controlled Rates and Working Vacation Under F-PolicyJain M.; Shekhar C.; Shukla S.
2013Queueing analysis of two unreliable servers machining system with switching and common cause failureJain M.; Shekhar C.; Shukla S.
2017Snow cover area variability assessment in the upper part of the Satluj River Basin in IndiaShukla S.; Kansal M.L.; Jain S.K.
2014Vacation queuing model for a machining system with two unreliable repairmenJain M.; Shekhar C.; Shukla S.
2008Ventilation of northwestern Arabian Sea Oxygen Minimum Zone during last 175 kyrs: A pteropod record at ODP Site 728ARai A.K.; Singh V.B.; Maurya A.S.; Shukla S.