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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Method of lines to hyperbolic integro-differential equations in RnBahuguna D.; Dabas J.; Shukla R.K.
1987Novel cyano-bridged nitrosyl complexes of chromium(I) with amino- and aminoethyl-pyridinesMaurya R.C.; Shukla R.; Shukla R.K.; Anandam N.; Srivastava S.K.; Maurya, Mannar Ram
1986Novel cyanonitrosyl complexes of chromium(I) with aniline and substituted anilinesMaurya R.C.; Shukla R.; Shukla R.K.; Anandam N.; Gupta D.C.; Maurya, Mannar Ram
1986Synthesis and characterisation of some new cyanonitrosyl chromium(l) complexes with phenetidines and anisidinesMaurya R.C.; Gupta D.C.; Shukla R.; Shukla R.K.; Anandam N.; Maurya, Mannar Ram
1988Synthesis and characterization of some mixed-ligand cyanonitrosyl-{CrNO}5complexes of chromium with some potentially mono-, bi-, and tridentate ligandsMaurya R.C.; Shukla R.; Gupta D.C.; Shukla R.K.; Maurya, Mannar Ram