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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A parametric study of S-tube Coriolis mass flow meterRajput A.K.; Sharma, Satish Chandra; Shukla M.; Roy S.
2021Design and evaluation of mechanical properties of cement grouted bituminous mixes (CGBM)Shukla M.; Gottumukkala B.; Nagabhushana M.N.; Chandra, Satish; Shaw A.; Das S.
2021Expression and purification along with evaluation of serological response and diagnostic potential of recombinant sap2 protein from c. Parapsilosis for use in systemic candidiasisShukla M.; Chandley P.; Kaur H.; Ghosh A.K.; Rudramurthy S.M.; Rohatgi, Soma
2021Expression, Purification, and Refolding of Chikungunya Virus Full-Length Envelope E2 Protein along with B-Cell and T-Cell Epitope Analyses Using Immuno-Informatics ApproachesShukla M.; Chandley P.; Tapryal S.; Kumar N.; Mukherjee S.P.; Rohatgi, Soma
2020Laboratory and field evaluation of cement grouted bituminous mixesBharath G.; Shukla M.; Nagabushana M.N.; Chandra, Satish; Shaw A.
2021The role of b-cells and antibodies against candida vaccine antigens in invasive candidiasisShukla M.; Chandley P.; Rohatgi, Soma
2020Vaccination with secreted aspartyl proteinase 2 protein from candida parapsilosis can enhance survival of mice during c. tropicalis-mediated systemic candidiasisShukla M.; Rohatgi, Soma