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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Critical Risk Indicators (CRIs) for the electric power grid: a survey and discussion of interconnected effectsChe-Castaldo J.P.; Cousin R.; Daryanto S.; Deng G.; Feng M.-L.E.; Gupta R.K.; Hong D.; McGranaghan R.M.; Owolabi O.O.; Qu T.; Ren W.; Schafer T.L.J.; Sharma, Ashutosh; Shen C.; Sherman M.G.; Sunter D.A.; Tao B.; Wang L.; Matteson D.S.
2021Transferring Hydrologic Data Across Continents – Leveraging Data-Rich Regions to Improve Hydrologic Prediction in Data-Sparse RegionsMa K.; Feng D.; Lawson K.; Tsai W.-P.; Liang C.; Huang X.; Sharma, Ashutosh; Shen C.