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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994A 500 MHz proton NMR study of the conformation of adriamycinBarthwal, Ritu.; Srivastava N.; Sharma U.; Govil G.
1996A proton nuclear magnetic resonance investigation of the conformation of daunomycinBarthwal, Ritu.; Mujeeb A.; Srivastava N.; Sharma U.
2020A sanitization approach for big data with improved data utilitySharma U.; Toshniwal, Durga; Sharma S.
2013Anti-mycobacterial activity of plumericin and isoplumericin against MDR Mycobacterium tuberculosisKumar P.; Singh A.; Sharma U.; Singh D.; Dobhal M.P.; Singh S.
2011Antifungal activity of plumericin and isoplumericinSingh D.; Sharma U.; Kumar P.; Gupta Y.K.; Dobhal M.P.; Singh S.
2011Antiparasitic activity of plumericin & isoplumericin isolated from Plumeria bicolor against Leishmania donovaniSharma U.; Singh D.; Kumar P.; Dobhal M.P.; Singh S.
2021Co(iii)-catalysed regioselective linear C(8)-H olefination of isoquinolone with terminal aromatic and aliphatic alkynesChandra D.; Kumar N.; Sumit; Parmar D.; Gupta, Puneet; Sharma U.
2008Structural elucidation of 4′-epiadriamycin by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and comparison with adriamycin and daunomycin using quantum mechanical and restrained molecular dynamics approachBarthwal, Ritu.; Agrawal P.; Tripathi A.N.; Sharma U.; Jagannathan N.R.; Govil G.
2006Structure of daunomycin complexed to d-TGATCA by two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyBarthwal, Ritu.; Sharma U.; Srivastava N.; Jain M.; Awasthi P.; Kaur M.; Barthwal S.K.; Govil G.
2003Structure of dna hexamer sequence d-cgatcg by two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and restrained molecular dynamicsBarthwal, Ritu.; Monica M.; Awasthi P.; Srivastava N.; Sharma U.; Kaur M.; Govil G.
2004Structure of DNA sequence d-TGATCA by two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and restrained molecular dynamicsBarthwal, Ritu.; Awasthi P.; Monica; Kaur M.; Sharma U.; Srivastava N.; Barthwal S.K.; Govil G.
2016Synthesis of Titanium-doped MgO heteronanostructures with tunable band gapSharma U.; Jeevanandam, Pethaiyan
2015Synthesis of Zn2+-doped MgO nanoparticles using substituted brucite precursors and studies on their optical propertiesSharma U.; Jeevanandam, Pethaiyan
2016Synthesis Temperature Dependent Morphological Evolution in Zinc Titanate Heteronanostructures and Their Application in Environmental RemediationSharma U.; Jeevanandam, Pethaiyan
2006Three-dimensional finite element modeling of confined high-strength concrete columnsBhargava, Pradeep; Bhowmick R.; Sharma U.; Kaushik S.K.; Xiao Y.; Kunnath S.; Yi W.