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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Hybridized Fuzzy-Neural Predictive Intelligent (HFNPI) Modelling Approach-based Underlap FinFET ModelSharma S.M.; Dasgupta, Sudeb; Kartikeyan M.V.
2020A review on the compact modeling of parasitic capacitance: from basic to advanced FETsSharma S.M.; Singh A.; Dasgupta, Sudeb; Kartikeyan M.V.
2016A transformed analytical model for thermal noise of FinFET based on fringing field ApproximationSharma S.M.; Dasgupta S.; Kartikeyan, Machavaram Venkata
2021An Improved Analytical Model of Outer Fringe Capacitance of Multifin Diamond Shaped Raised Source/Drain FinFETSharma S.M.; Dasgupta, Sudeb; Kartikeyan, Machavaram Venkata
2018FinFETs for RF Applications: A Literature reviewSharma S.M.; Dasgupta S.; Kartikeyan, Machavaram Venkata
2017Successive Conformal Mapping Technique to Extract Inner Fringe Capacitance of Underlap DG-FinFET and Its Variations with Geometrical ParametersSharma S.M.; Dasgupta S.; Kartikeyan, Machavaram Venkata