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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A study of misaligned hole-entry worn journal bearing operating in turbulent regimeRam N.; Sharma S.
2009A study of misaligned roughened two-lobe hole-entry hybrid journal bearingBasavaraja J.S.; Sharma S.; Jain S.
2019Adiabatic generalized gradient approximation kernel in time-dependent density functional theorySingh N.; Elliott P.; Nautiyal T.; Dewhurst J.K.; Sharma S.
2017Altered cropping pattern and cultural continuation with declined prosperity following abrupt and extreme arid event at ~4,200 yrs BP: Evidence from an Indus archaeological site Khirsara, Gujarat, western IndiaPokharia A.K.; Agnihotri R.; Sharma S.; Bajpai S.; Nath J.; Kumaran R.N.; Negi B.C.
2016An anomalous interlayer exciton in MoS2Azhikodan D.; Nautiyal T.; Shallcross S.; Sharma S.
2019Analysis of ensemble models for aging related bug prediction in software systemsSharma S.; Kumar S.; Maciaszek L.; Maciaszek L.; van Sinderen M.
2014Anthropometric survey of farm workers of Ladakh region of India and its application in equipment designDixit J.; Namgial D.; Sharma S.; Lohan S.K.; Kumar D.
2017BF3·OEt2-Mediated Synthesis of 2-Arylthio- and (N-Aryl-2,5-dioxopyrrolidin-3-yl)-Substituted 1,4-Benzoxazine DerivativesSharma S.; Kumar P.; Sharma A.; Peddinti R.K.
2018Bipolar resistive switching behavior in MoS2 nanosheets fabricated on ferromagnetic shape memory alloyKumar A.; Pawar S.; Sharma S.; Kaur D.
2019Charge carrier dynamics study and morphology optimization in solvent annealed CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite for air processed stable solar cell applicationRaghav A.; Singh S.; Moghe D.; Sharma S.; Kabra D.; Satapathi S.
2012Chlorella minutissimashaival: Apshishtjalpravandhanainvam biogas utpadan.Prajapati S. K.; Choudhary P.; Chawla P.; Sharma G.; Malik A.; Vijay V. K.; Sharma S.; Sreekrishnan T. R
2019Complete description of the magnetic ground state in spinel vanadatesKrishna J.; Singh N.; Shallcross S.; Dewhurst J.K.; Gross E.K.U.; Maitra T.; Sharma S.
2004Crystal structure of schistatin, a disintegrin homodimer from saw-scaled viper (Echis carinatus) at 2.5 Å resolutionBilgrami S.; Tomar S.; Yadav S.; Kaur P.; Kumar J.; Jabeen T.; Sharma S.; Singh T.P.
2011DC magnetization investigations in Ti1-xMnxO 2 nanocrystalline powderSharma S.; Chaudhary S.; Kashyap S.C.; Malik V.K.
2012Development of response surface model for tensile shear strength of weld-bonds of aluminium alloy 6061 T651Faseeulla Khan M.D.; Dwivedi D.K.; Sharma S.
2019Diabetes self-care management: Experiences of the socio-economically backward sections of JammuSharma S.; Mishra A.J.
2014Dual band, gap coupled microstrip patch antenna for wireless applications using CSSRRGoodwill K.; Sharma S.; Dhakad R.K.; Dubey A.Kr.; Kartikeyan M.V.
2011Efficacy of oral feeding of combined preparation of progesterone and oestrogen on the induction of oestrus in Frieswal femalesMathur A.K.; Prasad R.; Sharma S.
1999Electronic structure of (formula presented)Sharma S.; Nautiyal T.; Singh G.S.; Auluck S.
2014Energy efficient source based tree routing with time stamp in WSNSingh D.; Sharma S.; Jain V.; Gajrani J.