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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Simplified and Effective GMPP Tracking Algorithm for Solar Photovoltaic SystemAgrawal S.; Tyagi B.; Kumar V.; Agarwal P.; Sharma P.
2019A-TIG welding of dissimilar P92 steel and 304H austenitic stainless steel: Mechanisms, microstructure and mechanical propertiesSharma P.; Dwivedi D.K.
2016An investigation of the constitutive behavior of Armox 500T steel and armor piercing incendiary projectile materialIqbal M.A.; Senthil K.; Sharma P.; Gupta N.K.
2019An optimal device sizing for a performance-driven and area-efficient subthreshold cell library for IoT applicationsSharma P.; Jain P.; Das B.P.
2019Atomistic simulations to study crack tip behaviour in single crystal of bcc niobium and hcp zirconiumSingh D.; Sharma P.; Jindal S.; Kumar P.; Kumar P.; Parashar A.
2015Clay-Assisted dispersion of carbon black in thermoplastic nanocompositesSharma P.; Panwar V.; Pal K.
2019Comparative study of activated flux-GTAW and multipass-GTAW dissimilar P92 steel-304H ASS jointsSharma P.; Dwivedi D.K.
2005Controllable multi-server queue with balkingJain M.; Sharma G.C.; Sharma P.
2017Critical analysis of background subtraction techniques on real GPR dataSharma P.; Kumar B.; Singh D.; Gaba S.P.
2020Depth data and fusion of feature descriptors for static gesture recognitionSharma P.; Anand R.S.
2018Development of adaptive threshold and data smoothening algorithm for GPR imagingSharma P.; Kumar B.; Singh D.
2017Development of an efficient approach for MMW imaging system to identify concealed targets inside the bookKumar B.; Sharma P.; Singh D.
2017Development of scale and rotation invariant neural network based technique for detection of dielectric contrast concealed targets with millimeter wave systemKumar B.; Sharma P.; Singh D.
2019Economical Design of Reinforced Slope Using GeosyntheticsSharma P.; Mouli B.; Jakka R.S.; Sawant V.A.
2020Economical Design of Reinforced Slope Using GeosyntheticsSharma P.; Mouli B.; Jakka R.S.; Sawant V.A.
2017Effect of nanoclay on carbon black reinforced blend of amorphous–semicrystalline polymersSharma P.; Panwar V.; Kharitonov A.P.; Pal K.
2012Experimental investigation and CFD simulation of hydrocarbon pool fireRamteke P.; Gupta A.; Kumar R.; Gupta A.; Sharma P.
2020Growth of hierarchical ZnO nano flower on large functionalized rGO sheet for superior photocatalytic mineralization of antibioticSharma P.; Kumar N.; Chauhan R.; Singh V.; Srivastava V.C.; Bhatnagar R.
2016Induced Homoeologous Pairing for Transfer of Useful Variability for High Grain Fe and Zn from Aegilops kotschyi into WheatVerma S.K.; Kumar S.; Sheikh I.; Sharma P.; Mathpal P.; Malik S.; Kundu P.; Awasthi A.; Kumar S.; Prasad R.; Dhaliwal H.S.
2014Kinetic study of anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge/ high organic strength industrial wasteSharma P.; Ghosh U.K.; Ray A.K.