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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Aerothermal characteristics of a rectangular duct with periodic trapezium ribsSharma N.; Tariq A.; Mishra M.
2018Aerothermal Characteristics of Solid and Slitted Pentagonal Rib TurbulatorsTariq A.; Sharma N.; Mishra M.
2006Analysis of bullwhip effect in reverse supply chainSharma N.; Balan S.; Vrat P.; Kumar P.
2010Aspects of moment of momentum for vortex strengthGupta U.P.; Ojha C.S.P.; Sharma N.
2017BF3·OEt2 Mediated Regioselective Reaction of Electron-Rich Arenes with 3-Ylidene OxindolesSharma N.; Peddinti R.K.
2014Buoyancy-aided momentum and heat transfer in a vertical channel with a built-in square cylinderDhiman A.; Sharma N.; Kumar S.
2020Characterization of the heavy metal binding properties of periplasmic metal uptake protein CLas-ZnuA2Kumar P.; Dalal V.; Sharma N.; Kokane S.; Ghosh D.K.; Kumar P.; Sharma A.K.
2016Crystal structure analysis in Zn2+-bound state and biophysical characterization of CLas-ZnuA2Sharma N.; Selvakumar P.; Saini G.; Warghane A.; Ghosh D.K.; Sharma A.K.
2015Crystal structure of a periplasmic solute binding protein in metal-free, intermediate and metal-bound states from Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticusSharma N.; Selvakumar P.; Bhose S.; Ghosh D.K.; Kumar P.; Sharma A.K.
2006Decay of strength of vortex down stream of submerged vaneGupta U.P.; Ojha C.S.P.; Sharma N.
2018Detailed heat transfer and fluid flow investigation in a rectangular duct with truncated prismatic ribsSharma N.; Tariq A.; Mishra M.
2018Detailed heat transfer and friction factor characteristics in a rectangular duct with alternate solid and converging-slit ribsSharma N.; Ali M.S.; Tariq A.; Mishra M.
2017Detailed heat transfer investigation inside a rectangular duct with an array of ventilated rib turbulatorsSharma N.; Tariq A.; Mishra M.
1990Di- and triphenyltin (iv) complexes of semi- and thiosemicarbazonesNath M.; Sharma N.; Sharma C.L.
1991Dibutyltin(iv) complexes of schiff bases derived from aminoacidsNath M.; Sharma C.L.; Sharma N.
2006Economic analysis: Riprap with geo-filter vs collar as scour protections around submerged vanesGupta U.P.; Sharma N.; Ojha C.S.P.
2018Efficacy Assessment of Celecoxib Oil Drops Versus Arachidonic Acid Stimulated Ophthalmic Inflammation in RabbitsSharma A.K.; Sahoo P.K.; Sharma N.; Sharma R.K.; Tyagi A.
2010Enhancing utility of submerged vanes with collarGupta U.P.; Ojha C.S.P.; Sharma N.
2018Experimental and theoretical investigations of regioselective functionalization of 3-hydroxy bisindoles with thiolsSharma N.; Peddinti R.K.
2018Experimental investigation of flow structure due to truncated prismatic rib turbulators using particle image velocimetrySharma N.; Tariq A.; Mishra M.