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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A Brief Report on Damage Survey for Sikkim Earthquake of 2011Sinvhal A.; Sharma M.L.; Singh Y.; Maheshwari B.K.
2021Comparison of Ballastless and Ballasted Track for High-Speed TrainKedia N.K.; Kumar A.; Singh, Yogendra C.; Sitharam T.G.; Kolathayar S.; Sharma M.L.
2012Damage Pattern during Sikkim, India Earthquake of September 18, 2011Sharma M.L.; Maheshwari B.K.; Singh Y.; Sinvhal A.
2004Damage to Ports and Lifelines in Tamil Nadu due to Indian Ocean Tsunamis of December 2004Maheshwari B.K.; Sharma M.L.; Narayan J.P.
2005Effects of Medu and Coastal Topography on the Damage Pattern during the Recent Indian Ocean Tsunami along the Coast of Tamil NaduNarayan J.P.; Sharma M.L.; Maheshwari B.K.
2005Geotechnical Damages on the Indian Coastline due to Tsunamis caused by December 26, 2004 Sumatra EarthquakeMaheshwari B.K.; Sharma M.L.; Narayan J.P.
2021Liquefaction Potential of Ash Pond Using SPTZachariah J.P.; Jakka, Ravi Sankar; Sitharam T.G.; Kolathayar S.; Sharma M.L.
2010The Indo-Norwegian Institutional Cooperation on Earthquake Risk ReductionBhasin R.; Erduran E.; Galiana-Merino J.J.; Kaynia A.M.; Lang D.H.; Mahajan A.K.; Maheshwari B.K.; Mundepi A.K.; Paul D.K.; Sharma M.L.; Singh Y.
2021Time–Frequency Characteristics of Seismic Signal Using Stockwell TransformDevi G.; Sumathi, Parasuraman; Kumar A.; Sitharam T.G.; Kolathayar S.; Sharma M.L.