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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A MINLP technique for optimal placement of multiple DG units in distribution systemsKaur S.; Kumbhar, Ganesh Balu; Sharma J.
2016A new perspective of measuring the supererogatory functionality in software componentsSharma J.; Kumar A.; Kumar A.
2006A novel approach for sensitivity calculations in the radial distribution systemKhatod, Dheeraj Kumar; Pant, Vinay; Sharma J.
2019A study of solar-cycle variation of coronal rotation using the SDO/AIA 211 Å observationsSharma J.; Kumar B.; Malik A.K.; Chandra, Satish; Vats H.O.
2010Analytical approach for well-being assessment of small autonomous power systems with solar and wind energy sourcesKhatod, Dheeraj Kumar; Pant, Vinay; Sharma J.
2004Artificial neural network based voltage stability evaluationModi P.K.; Singh, Sajjanpal; Sharma J.; Hamza M.H.
2010Attenuation characteristics of Garwhal-Kumaun Himalayas from analysis of coda of local earthquakesMukhopadhyay, Sagarika; Sharma J.
2010Attenuation of coda waves in the Aswan Reservoir area, EgyptMohamed H.H.; Mukhopadhyay, Sagarika; Sharma J.
2011Congestion management considering hydro-thermal combined operation in a pool based electricity marketSingh K.; Padhy, Narayana Prasad; Sharma J.
2014Congestion management considering optimal placement of distributed generator in deregulated power system networksSingh K.; Yadav V.K.; Padhy, Narayana Prasad; Sharma J.
2014Coordination between OLTC and SVC for voltage regulation in unbalanced distribution system distributed generationDaratha N.; Das, Biswarup; Sharma J.
2010Crustal scale detachment in the Himalayas: A reappraisalMukhopadhyay, Sagarika; Sharma J.
2004Determination of location of multiple harmonic sources in a power systemKumar A.; Das, Biswarup; Sharma J.
2005Dynamic state estimation of power system harmonics with bad dataKumar A.; Das, Biswarup; Sharma J.
2018Enhanced dielectric and optical properties of nanoscale barium hexaferrites for optoelectronics and high frequency applicationMohammed J.; Suleiman A.B.; Tchouank Tekou Carol T.; Hafeez H.Y.; Sharma J.; Maji, Pradip K.; Kumar S.G.; Srivastava A.K.
2013Evolutionary programming based optimal placement of renewable distributed generatorsKhatod, Dheeraj Kumar; Pant, Vinay; Sharma J.
2016Factors influencing job performance of nursing staff: Mediating role of affective commitmentSharma J.; Dhar, Rajib Lochan
2006Genetic algorithm for supply restoration in distribution system with priority customersKumar Y.; Das, Biswarup; Sharma J.
2005Genetic algorithm-based meter placement for static estimation of harmonic sourcesKumar A.; Das, Biswarup; Sharma J.
2015Harmony search and OPF based hybrid approach for optimal placement of multiple DG unitsKaur S.; Kumbhar, Ganesh Balu; Sharma J.