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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A computational solution of mathematical model for oxygen transport in peripheral nerveSharma G.C.; Jain, Madhu
2009A mathematical model for blood flow through narrow vessels with mild-stenosisJain, Madhu; Sharma G.C.; Sharma S.K.
1996A mathematical model for concentration of blood affecting erythrocyte sedimentationSharma G.C.; Jain, Madhu; Saral R.N.
2009A mathematical model of a population genetics: Effects of genetic variation on homosexualityJain, Madhu; Sharma G.C.; Sharma S.K.
2009A theoretical approach for activation of a pro-drug by its conjugate and its localization in cancer chemotherapyJain, Madhu; Sharma G.C.; Singh A.
2015ANN model for multi channel infinite buffer queue under N-policyJain, Madhu; Sharma G.C.; Mittal R.
2014Call admission control and resource allocation of wireless networksJain, Madhu; Sharma G.C.; Mittal R.
2005Controllable multi-server queue with balkingJain, Madhu; Sharma G.C.; Sharma P.
2014Cost Analysis for a Supplier in an Inflationary Environment with Stock Dependent Demand Rate for Perishable ItemsJain, Madhu; Sharma G.C.; Rani V.
1986Diffusion approximation for the GI/G/r machine interference problem with spare machinesJain, Madhu; Sharma G.C.
2006Diffusion process for G/G/R machining system with spares, balking and renegingJain, Madhu; Sharma G.C.; Baghel K.P.S.
2007Economic production quantity models with shortage, price and stock-dependent demand for deteriorating itemsJain, Madhu; Sharma G.C.; Rathore S.
2003Effect of magnetic fields on low frequency oscillating natural convection with pressure gradientSharma G.C.; Jain, Madhu; Chandra M.
1993G/Gy/m queueing system with discouragement via diffusion approximationGarg K.M.; Jain, Madhu; Sharma G.C.
2014M/M/R+r machining system with reneging, spares and interdependent controlled ratesJain, Madhu; Sharma G.C.; Rani V.
2009Mathematical analysis of mhd flow of blood in very narrow capillariesJain, Madhu; Sharma G.C.; Singh A.
2008Mathematical modeling of the temperature-dependent growth of living systemsJain, Madhu; Sharma G.C.; Sharma S.K.
2010Mathematical modelling of blood flow in a stenosed artery under MHD effect through porous mediumJain, Madhu; Sharma G.C.; Singh R.
2015Maximum entropy analysis of bulk arrival retrial queue with second optional service and Bernoulli vacationJain, Madhu; Sharma R.; Sharma G.C.
2016Maximum entropy approach for an unreliable MX/G/1 queueing system with Bernoulli vacation, restricted admission and delayed phase repair under N-policyJain, Madhu; Sharma G.C.; Rani V.