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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A single-pot synthesis of atovaquone: An antiparasitic drug of choiceDike S.Y.; Singh D.; Thankachen B.N.; Sharma B.; Mathur P.K.; Kore S.; Kumar A.
2017Amalgamation of Synthetic Biology and Chemistry for High-Throughput Nonconventional Synthesis of the Antimalarial Drug ArtemisininSingh D.; McPhee D.; Paddon C.J.; Cherry J.; Maurya G.; Mahale G.; Patel Y.; Kumar N.; Singh S.; Sharma B.; Kushwaha L.; Singh S.; Kumar A.
2010Anti-diabetic potential of alkaloid rich fraction from Capparis decidua on diabetic miceSharma B.; Salunke R.; Balomajumder C.; Daniel S.; Roy P.
2008Effects of flavonoid-rich extract from seeds of Eugenia jambolana (L.) on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in diabetic miceSharma B.; Viswanath G.; Salunke R.; Roy P.
2009Effects of guggulsterone isolated from Commiphora mukul in high fat diet induced diabetic ratsSharma B.; Salunke R.; Srivastava S.; Majumder C.; Roy P.
2012Glucose metabolism and diabetogenic gene expression analysis of chloroform fraction of Andrographis paniculata (Nees) whole herb in diabetic albino mice.Chaurasia A.; Kharya M.D.; Sharma B.; Roy P.
2007Hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effect of Aegle marmelos (L.) leaf extract on streptozotocin induced diabetic miceSharma B.; Satapathi S.K.; Roy P.
2008Hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects of flavonoid rich extract from Eugenia jambolana seeds on streptozotocin induced diabetic ratsSharma B.; Balomajumder C.; Roy P.
2011In vivo evalution of hypoglycemic activity of Aloe spp. and identification of its mode of Action on GLUT-4 gene expression in vitroKumar R.; Sharma B.; Tomar N.R.; Roy P.; Gupta A.K.; Kumar A.
2015LQR-based TS-fuzzy logic controller design for inverted pendulum-coupled cart systemSharma B.; Tyagi B.; Vijay V.V.; Adhikari B.; Seshadri H.; Fulwani D.K.; Yadav S.K.
2011Screening of some indian medicinal plant extracts for their antihyperglycemic activities in streptozotocin-induced diabetic miceSharma B.; Salunke R.; Satapati S.K.; Balomajumder C.; Roy P.
2011Smokeless tobacco extract impairs iron homeostasis in rats and human hepatoma, HepG2 cellsSalunke R.; Sharma B.; Saraf K.; Roy P.