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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Additive manufacturing in drug delivery applications: A reviewDurga Prasad Reddy R.; Sharma, V.
2021Additive manufacturing techniques for the fabrication of tissue engineering scaffolds: a reviewKumar M.; Sharma, V.
2020Analysis of a hybrid ultrasonic horn profile using finite element analysisKumar Patel L.; Kumar Singh A.; Sharma, V.; Kala P.; Kant R.; Singh H.; Sardana N.
2021Barriers in adoption of additive manufacturing in medical sector supply chainChoudhary N.; Kumar A.; Sharma, V.; Kumar, Pradeep
2021Comparative life cycle assessment of various grinding strategies for nickel base superalloysSingh A.K.; Sharma, V.
2016Comparative Study of Turning of 4340 Hardened Steel with Hybrid Textured Self-Lubricating Cutting InsertsSharma, V.; Pandey P.M.
2021Developing an effectiveness index for biomedical waste management in Indian states using a composite indicators approachDeepak A.; Kumar D.; Sharma, V.
2021Development and characterization of unitary and hybrid Al2O3 and ZrO dispersed Jatropha oil-based nanofluid for cleaner productionSingh R.; Sah N.K.; Sharma, V.
2021Development and characterization of xanthan gum-based abrasive media and performance analysis using abrasive flow machiningDixit N.; Sharma, V.; Kumar, Pradeep
2020Effect of deposition orientations on dimensional and mechanical properties of the thin-walled structure fabricated by tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding-based additive manufacturing processGokhale N.P.; Kala P.; Sharma, V.; Palla M.
2018Experimental investigations and statistical modeling of surface roughness during ultrasonic-assisted turning with self-lubricating cutting insertsSharma, V.; Pandey P.M.
2021Experimental investigations into ionic liquid-based nanofluids for machining difficult-to-cut materialsSingh R.; Sharma, V.
2021Experimental investigations into thermophysical, wettability and tribological characteristics of ionic liquid based metal cutting fluidsSah N.K.; Singh R.; Sharma, V.
2019Experimental investigations of TIG welding based additive manufacturing process for improved geometrical and mechanical propertiesGokhale Nitish P.; Kala P.; Sharma, V.; Thakur L.; Misra J.P.
2021Functional applications of 4D printing: a reviewMohol S.S.; Sharma, V.
2017Geometrical design optimization of hybrid textured self-lubricating cutting inserts for turning 4340 hardened steelSharma, V.; Pandey P.M.
2021Investigations of personalized and sustainable approach of oral drug delivery systems through additive manufacturingReddy R.D.P.; Elgazzar H.; Sharma, V.
2021Investigations of process parameters during dissolution studies of drug loaded 3D printed tabletsSharma, V.; Shaik K.M.; Choudhury A.; Kumar P.; Kala P.; Sultana Y.; Shukla R.; Kumar D.
2019Mechanistic Based Cutting Force Model during Ultrasonic Assisted Turning with Self-Lubricating Cutting InsertsSharma, V.; Pandey P.M.
2020Molecular dynamics study of tensile behaviour for cold and linear friction welded single crystal tungstenSingh R.; Sharma, V.