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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A comprehensive review of standalone and hybrid forward osmosis for water treatment: Membranes and recovery strategies of draw solutionsSingh S.K.; Sharma, Chhaya; Maiti, Abhijit
2004An experimental design of controlling temperature and pressure for coal fired fluidized bed boiler on DCSGupta S.; Sharma S.C.; Sharma, Chhaya
2016Ce1-xCoxOy nanocatalysts: Synthesis, characterization and environmental applicationAnushree; Kumar S.; Sharma, Chhaya
2017Ce1-xFexO2 nanocatalysts for priority organic pollutants removal through catalytic wet air oxidationAnushree; Sharma, Chhaya; Kumar S.
2019Characterization of regenerated cellulose prepared from different pulp grades using a green solventGhosh I.; Haider Q.; Sharma, Chhaya
2011Constructed wetlands: An option for pulp and paper mill wastewater treatmentChoudhary A.K.; Kumar S.; Sharma, Chhaya
2015Corrosion investigations on secondary treated paper mill effluentsRam C.; Sharma, Chhaya; Singh A.K.
2012Corrosion performance of mild steel in paper mill effluentRam C.; Sharma, Chhaya; Singh A.K.
2015Corrosivity of paper mill effluent and corrosion performance of stainless steelRam C.; Sharma, Chhaya; Singh A.K.
2004Design of temperature and pressure control logic for coal fired fluidized bed boiler on DCSGupta S.; Sharma S.C.; Sharma, Chhaya
2008Detection of chlorophenolic compounds in bleaching effluents of chemical pulpsSharma, Chhaya; Mohanty S.; Kumar S.; Rao N.J.
1999Detection of chlorophenolics in effluents from bleaching processes of rice-straw pulpSharma, Chhaya; Kumar S.
2008Development of auto combustion control logics for coal fired fluidized bed boiler on DCS: An experimental studyGupta S.; Sharma S.C.; Sharma, Chhaya; Mahna S.K.
2021Dynamic-head space GC-MS analysis of volatile odorous compounds generated from unbleached and bleached pulps and effects on strength properties during ageingAlam I.; Sood S.; Sharma, Chhaya
2013Effect of host media on microbial influenced corrosion due to desulfotomaculum nigrificansLata S.; Sharma, Chhaya; Singh A.K.
2021Effect of recycling of elemental chlorine free bleaching effluent treated by electrocoagulation on paper propertiesHaider Q.; Kumar D.; Sharma, Chhaya
2005Effects of surfactants in flotation deinking of old newsprintKanhekar S.K.; Agnihotri P.Kr.; Sharma, Chhaya; Bansal M.C.
2014Electrochemical corrosion investigations on anaerobic treated distillery effluentRam C.; Sharma, Chhaya; Singh A.K.
2020Estimating health risks in metal contaminated land for sustainable agriculture in peri-urban industrial areas using Monte Carlo probabilistic approachGaurav V.K.; Sharma, Chhaya
2007Flotation deinking studies of ONP for deinking chemicals and process conditionsVarshney R.; Agnihotri P.Kr.; Sharma, Chhaya; Bansal Mukesh C.