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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A structural and tectonic synthesis of parts of Archeans, Satpuras and Chhattisgarh basins around Mandala-Raipur districts, M. P. India, using gravity field dataSingh V. P.; Shanker D.; Singh R.
1991Bhayanak Aur Vinashkari Bhukamp (in Hindi)Shanker D.
2009Control of Earthquake by lakes in Himalayas and vicinitySingh Bhawani; Shanker D.; Singh M.
2005Critical state mechanics in non-critical failure criteria for rocksSingh M.; Singh B.; Shanker D.
2011Discourse on Seismotectonics of Nepal Himalaya and Vicinity: Appraisal to Earthquake HazardShanker D.; Paudyal H.; Singh H. N.
2017Earthquake Hazard and Engineering Determinations for Indonesian Region Using IMS Network DataShanker D.; Sherif M. Ali; Singh Manisha
2018Earthquake hazard updates in Central HimalayaShubham; Shanker D.
2015Earthquake Induced Landslide Hazard Zonation of Nainital RegionDesai Aniket; Shanker D.; Jakka Ravi Sankar
2000Estimation of seismic hazard parameters for the Himalayas and its vicinity from incomplete data filesSharma M. L.; Shanker D.
2019Estimation of Seismic Hazard Parameters for Uttarakhand RegionSoni Komal; Shanker D.; Shubham; Nazeel Sabah
2017Estimation of Seismic Hazard Using PSHA for National Capital Region (NCR) of IndiaSarkar S.; Shanker D.
2019Estimation of Source Parameter of local Earthquake in Tehri Dam Site and VicinityShanker D.; Pathak Abhishek
1994Latur earthquake of eastern MaharastraShanker D.; Singh V.P.
2012Long-term seismic hazard analysis in Northeast Himalaya and its adjoining regionsShanker D.; Panthi A.; Singh H. N.
2018On the seismic hazard in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand StatesShanker D.; Shubham
1992On the seismicity and tectonic activity of Bengal basin and its adjoining regionsSingh V. P.; Shanker D.
1995Patna fault as a subsurface feature of the Ganga-Basin and its geodynamic constraintsV. P. Singh; C.L. Singh; Shanker D.
2010Probabilities for the occurrences of medium to large earthquakes in northeast India and adjoining regionYadav R. B. S.; Tripathi J. N.; Shanker D.; Rastogi B. K.; Das M. C.; Kumar Vikas
2013Revisiting State of Stress and Geodynamic Processes in Northeast India Himalaya and its Adjoining RegionPanthi A.; Singh H. N.; Shanker D.
2012Seismic microzonation for Kochi city, India in GIS environmentKumar A.; Singh H.N.; Shanker D.