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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A plausible model for the present day seismicity and tectonic activity in the Hindukush complex zoneSingh V.P.; Duda J.; Shanker D.
2004A structural and tectonic synthesis of parts of Archeans, Satpuras and Chhattisgarh basins around Mandala-Raipur districts, M. P. India, using gravity field dataSingh V. P.; Shanker D.; Singh R.
1994A study of seismicity of northeast India and adjoining areas based on statistical analysesSingh V.P.; Shanker D.; Hamada K.
2010An application of regional time and magnitude predictable model for long-term earthquake prediction in the vicinity of October 8, 2005 Kashmir Himalaya earthquakeYadav R.B.S.; Shanker D.; Chopra S.; Singh A.P.
2003Analyses of total magnetic anomalies over the northeastern marginal part of Deccan traps and adjoining areas of Central IndiaSingh V.P.; Singh O.P.; Agrawal B.N.P.; Shanker D.
1995Anomalous seismic activity and long-range earthquake prediction in Himachal Pradesh, IndiaShanker D.; Singh H.N.; Singh V.P.
2010Anomalous seismicity and earthquake forecast in Western Nepal Himalaya and its 1djoining Indian regionSingh H.N.; Paudyal H.; Shanker D.; Panthi A.; Kumar A.; Singh V.P.
2007Application of the time-predictable model in Peninsular India for future seismic hazard assessmentShanker D.; Singh H.N.
2009Application of time- and magnitude-predictable model in the Central Himalaya and vicinity for estimation of seismic hazardPaudyal H.; Shanker D.; Singh H.N.; Singh V.P.
1991Bhayanak Aur Vinashkari Bhukamp (in Hindi)Shanker D.
2011Characteristics of earthquake sequence in northern Himalayan region of South Central Tibet - Precursor search and location of potential area of future earthquakePaudyal H.; Shanker D.; Singh H.N.
2009Control of Earthquake by lakes in Himalayas and vicinitySingh Bhawani; Shanker D.; Singh M.
2005Critical state mechanics in non-critical failure criteria for rocksSingh M.; Singh B.; Shanker D.
2010Current understanding of the seismotectonics of Western Nepal Himalaya and vicinityPaudyal H.; Shanker D.; Singh H.; Panthi A.; Kumar A.; Singh V.
2011Discourse on Seismotectonics of Nepal Himalaya and Vicinity: Appraisal to Earthquake HazardShanker D.; Paudyal H.; Singh H. N.
2007Distribution patterns of natural radioactivity and delineation of anomalous radioactive zones using in situ radiation observations in Southern Tamil Nadu, IndiaSingh H.N.; Shanker D.; Neelakandan V.N.; Singh V.P.
1995Earthquake distribution characteristics and seismicity rate in the Hindu Kush and its vicinityShanker D.; Singh V.P.
2017Earthquake Hazard and Engineering Determinations for Indonesian Region Using IMS Network DataShanker D.; Sherif M. Ali; Singh Manisha
2018Earthquake hazard updates in Central HimalayaShubham; Shanker D.
2015Earthquake Induced Landslide Hazard Zonation of Nainital RegionDesai Aniket; Shanker D.; Jakka Ravi Sankar