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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Alleviation of heavy metal stress in Spilanthes calva L. (antimalarial herb) by exogenous application of glutathioneShankar V.; Thekkeettil V.; Sharma G.; Agrawal V.
2012Alleviation of salt induced phytotoxicity on in vitro germination and morphogenesis of four chickpea genotypes through benzyladenineShankar V.; Sharma G.; Kumar M.; Agrawal V.
2011An efficient micropropagation protocol of an elite clone EC-353508 of artemisia annua L., an important antimalarial plantSharma G.; Shankar V.; Agrawal V.
2007Analysis of flow over horizontal transverse bottom racksOjha C.S.P.; Shankar V.; Chauhan N.S.
2016Assessment of soil moisture uptake under different salinity levels for paddy cropDevatha C.P.; Shankar V.; Ojha C.S.P.
2014Biodiversity and in vitro conservation of three medicinally important herbs: Spilanthes acmella L. var. oleraceae Clarke, S. calva L., and S. paniculata Wall. ex DC.Pandey V.; Sharma G.; Shankar V.; Agrawal V.
2009Crop coefficient calibration of maize and indian mustard in a semi-arid regionShankar V.; Hari Prasad K.S.; Ojha C.S.P.
2009Evaluation of a nonlinear root-water uptake modelOjha C.S.P.; Prasad K.S.H.; Shankar V.; Madramootoo C.A.
2011Evaluation of genetic fidelity among micropropagated plants raised through long-term nodal cultures of elite clone of artemisia annua L. using DNA-based RAPD markersSharma G.; Shankar V.; Heikrujam M.; Agrawal V.
2018Evaluation of reference evapotranspiration methods and sensitivity analysis of climatic parameters for sub-humid sub-tropical locations in western Himalayas (India)Poddar A.; Gupta P.; Kumar N.; Shankar V.; Ojha C.S.P.
2013In vitro bio-control of malarial and filarial vectors using crude extract and isolated fractions of medicinal herbs (Spilanthes spp.) and characterization of the larvicidal compoundsPandey V.; Sharma G.; Shankar V.; Agrawal V.; Mahapatra S.C.; Agrawal V.
2012Model for nonlinear root water uptake parameterShankar V.; Prasad K.S.H.; Ojha C.S.P.; Govindaraju R.S.
2013Nondimensional relationship for root water uptake in cropsShankar V.; Govindaraju R.S.; Ojha C.S.P.; Hari Prasad K.S.
2013Optimizing water use in irrigation - A reviewShankar V.; Hari Prasad K.S.; Ojha C.S.P.; Govindaraju R.S.
2009Remote sensing and GIS-based assessment of urbanisation and degradation of watershed healthJat M.K.; Khare D.; Garg P.K.; Shankar V.
2009SHP development in IndiaKumar A.; Shankar V.
2009Transient three-dimensional modeling of riverbank filtration at Grind well field, GermanyShankar V.; Eckert P.; Ojha C.; K├Ânig C.M.