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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Adam-Gibbs relation for glass-forming liquids in two, three, and four DimensionsSengupta S.; Karmakar S.; Dasgupta C.; Sastry S.
1996Biopolishing of jute-cotton union fabricKundu A.B.; Ghosh B.S.; Dutta A.K.; Ghosh U.K.; Sengupta S.; Ghosh B.L.
2013Breakdown of the Stokes-Einstein relation in two, three, and four dimensionsSengupta S.; Karmakar S.; Dasgupta C.; Sastry S.
2011Dependence of the fragility of a glass former on the softness of interparticle interactionsSengupta S.; Vasconcelos F.; Affouard F.; Sastry S.
2014Diffusivity anomaly in modified Stillinger-Weber liquidsSengupta S.; Vasisht V.V.; Sastry S.
2014Distribution of diffusion constants and Stokes-Einstein violation in supercooled liquidsSengupta S.; Karmakar S.
2013Effect of calcination temperature during the synthesis of Co/Al 2O3 catalyst used for the hydrogenation of CO2Das T.; Sengupta S.; Deo G.
2018Glass Transition in Supercooled Liquids with Medium-Range Crystalline OrderTah I.; Sengupta S.; Sastry S.; Dasgupta C.; Karmakar S.
1995Landsat-tm data for estimating ground temperature and depth of subsurface coal fire in the jharia coalfield, indiaSaraf A.K.; Prakash A.; Sengupta S.; Gupta R.P.
2017Length-Scale Dependence of the Stokes-Einstein and Adam-Gibbs Relations in Model Glass FormersParmar A.D.S.; Sengupta S.; Sastry S.
2014Nesting of thermodynamic, structural, and dynamic anomalies in liquid siliconVasisht V.V.; Mathew J.; Sengupta S.; Sastry S.
2018Power law relationship between diffusion coefficients in multi-component glass forming liquidsParmar A.D.S.; Sengupta S.; Sastry S.
2014Role of structure and entropy in determining differences in dynamics for glass formers with different interaction potentialsBanerjee A.; Sengupta S.; Sastry S.; Bhattacharyya S.M.
2015Unraveling the success and failure of mode coupling theory from consideration of entropyNandi M.K.; Banerjee A.; Sengupta S.; Sastry S.; Bhattacharyya S.M.
2016What Determines the Static Force Chains in Stressed Granular Media?Gendelman O.; Pollack Y.G.; Procaccia I.; Sengupta S.; Zylberg J.