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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A complex network theory based approach to better understand the infiltration-excess runoff generation thresholdsNanda A.; Sen, Sumit
2019An automated multi-model evapotranspiration mapping framework using remotely sensed and reanalysis dataBhattarai N.; Mallick K.; Stuart J.; Vishwakarma B.D.; Niraula R.; Sen, Sumit; Jain M.
2020Application of CORDEX-AFRICA and NEX-GDDP datasets for hydrologic projections under climate change in Lake Ziway sub-basin, EthiopiaMusie M.; Sen, Sumit; Srivastava P.
2021Assessment of spring flows in Indian Himalayan micro-watersheds – A hydro-geological approachDass B.; Abhishek; Sen, Sumit; Bamola V.; Sharma A.; Sen D.
2015Assessment of water scarcity and its impacts on sustainable development in Awash basin, EthiopiaAdeba D.; Kansal, Mitthan Lal; Sen, Sumit
2021Climate change water vulnerability and adaptation mechanism in a Himalayan City, Nainital, IndiaChauhan D.; Thiyaharajan M.; Pandey A.; Singh N.; Singh V.; Sen, Sumit; Pandey R.
2019Comparison and evaluation of gridded precipitation datasets for streamflow simulation in data scarce watersheds of EthiopiaMusie M.; Sen, Sumit; Srivastava P.
2021Conceptual model for the vulnerability assessment of springs in the indian himalayasDaniel D.; Anandhi A.; Sen, Sumit
2016Economic evaluation of the proposed alternatives of inter-basin water transfer from the Baro Akobo to Awash basin in EthiopiaAdeba D.; Kansal, Mitthan Lal; Sen, Sumit
2019Estimation of root water uptake and soil hydraulic parameters from root zone soil moisture and deep percolationSonkar I.; Kotnoor H.P.; Sen, Sumit
2018Evaluation of spring discharge dynamics using recession curve analysis: a case study in data-scarce region, Lesser Himalayas, IndiaKumar V.; Sen, Sumit
2021Exploring future global change-induced water imbalances in the Central Rift Valley Basin, EthiopiaMusie M.; Momblanch A.; Sen, Sumit
2021Geo-morphometric prioritization of Aglar micro watershed in Lesser Himalaya using GIS approachKumar V.; Sen, Sumit; Chauhan P.
2019How spatiotemporal variation of soil moisture can explain hydrological connectivity of infiltration-excess dominated hillslope: Observations from lesser Himalayan landscapeNanda A.; Sen, Sumit; McNamara J.P.
2020Hydrologic responses to climate variability and human activities in Lake Ziway Basin, EthiopiaMusie M.; Sen, Sumit; Chaubey I.
2021Hydrological process monitoring for springshed management in the Indian Himalayan region: field observatory and reference databaseDass B.; Sen, Sumit; Sharma A.; Hussain S.; Rana N.; Sen D.
2016Identifying areas sensitive to land use/land cover change for downstream flooding in a coastal Alabama watershedNoori N.; Kalin L.; Sen, Sumit; Srivastava P.; Lebleu C.
2021Measuring precipitation in Eastern Himalaya: Ground validation of eleven satellite, model and gauge interpolated gridded productsKumar M.; Hodnebrog Ø.; Sophie Daloz A.; Sen, Sumit; Badiger S.; Krishnaswamy J.
2018Modified channel-routing scheme for SWAT modelPati A.; Sen, Sumit; Perumal M.
2013Nutrient loss in leachate and surface runoff from surface-broadcast and subsurface-banded broiler litterLamba J.; Srivastava P.; Way T.R.; Sen, Sumit; Wood C.W.; Yoo K.H.