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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A comparative study and ABAQUS implementation of conventional and localizing gradient enhanced damage modelsSarkar S.; Singh I.V.; Mishra B.K.; Shedbale A.S.; Poh L.H.
2009A hybrid ion exchange-nanofiltration (HIX-NF) process for energy efficient desalination of brackish/seawaterSarkar S.; SenGupta A.K.
2014A Kushner-Stratonovich Monte Carlo filter applied to nonlinear dynamical system identificationSarkar S.; Chowdhury S.R.; Venugopal M.; Vasu R.M.; Roy D.
2008A new hybrid ion exchange-nanofiltration (HIX-NF) separation process for energy efficient desalination: Process concept and laboratory evaluationSarkar S.; Sengupta A.K.
2008A new hybrid ion exchange-nanofiltration (HIX-NF) separation process for energy-efficient desalination: Process concept and laboratory evaluationSarkar S.; SenGupta A.K.
2018A novel hybrid material for the trace removal of hexavalent chromium [Cr(Vi)] from contaminated waterLaiju A.R.; Sarkar S.; Jiji K.S.; Vanchipura R.
2016A review on the technology, performance, design optimization, reliability, techno-economics and environmental impacts of hydrokinetic energy conversion systemsKumar D.; Sarkar S.
2009Adequacy of Nakagami-m distribution function to derive GIUHSarkar S.; Goel N.K.; Mathur B.S.
2008Advanced payload concepts and system architecture for emerging services in Indian National Satellite SystemsBalasubramanian E.P.; Rao N.P.; Sarkar S.; Singh D.K.
2007Advanced payload concepts and system architecture for emerging services in Indian national satellite systemsBalasubramanian E.P.; Prahlad Rao N.; Sarkar S.; Singh D.K.
2016Alleviation of toxic hexavalent chromium using indigenous aerobic bacteria isolated from contaminated tannery industry sitesPandey S.; Singh N.K.; Bansal A.K.; Arutchelvan V.; Sarkar S.
2019Amelioration of biomass and lipid in marine alga by an endophytic fungus Piriformospora indicaBhatnagar V.S.; Bandyopadhyay P.; Rajacharya G.H.; Sarkar S.; Poluri K.M.; Kumar S.
2010An analytical approach to dynamic crosstalk in coupled interconnectsKaushik B.K.; Sarkar S.; Agarwal R.P.; Joshi R.C.
2017Anaerobic treatment of wastewater using a two-stage packed-bed reactor containing polyvinyl alcohol gel beads as biofilm carrierPandey S.; Sarkar S.
2013Analysis of propagation delay and power with variation in driver size and number of shells in multi walled carbon nanotube interconnectsDuksh Y.S.; Kaushik B.K.; Sarkar S.; Singh R.
2014Applications of EDXRF and INAA techniques for studying impact of industries to the environmentDutta R.K.; Sarkar S.; Ram S.S.; Sudarshan M.; Acharya R.; Reddy A.V.R.
2008Arsenic removal from groundwater and its safe containment in a rural environment: Validation of a sustainable approachSarkar S.; Blaney L.M.; Gupta A.; Ghosh D.; Sengupta A.K.
2014Characterization of greywater in an Indian middle-class household and investigation of physicochemical treatment using electrocoagulationVakil K.A.; Sharma M.K.; Bhatia A.; Kazmi A.A.; Sarkar S.
2008Chromium treatment for Glendale, California's groundwater: Mechanistic studies of weak-base anion exchangeBlute N.K.; McGuire M.J.; Kavounas P.; Brabander D.J.; Newville M.; Sarkar S.; SenGupta A.
2010Comparative study of FeCr2S4and FeSc 2S4: Spinels with orbitally active A siteSarkar S.; Maitra T.; Valentí R.; Saha-Dasgupta T.