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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A comparative analysis of watermarked and watermark images using DCT and SVD based multiple image watermarkingRathi T.; Maheshwari R.P.; Tripathy, Manoj; Saraswat R.; Joseph X.F.; Zimale F.A.; Enku Nigussie T.; Fanta S.W.
2017A first look at factors affecting aragonite compensation depth in the eastern Arabian SeaSingh, Dharmendra Pratap; Saraswat R.; Naik D.K.; Nigam R.
2020A highly diverse living benthic foraminiferal assemblage in the oxygen deficient zone of the southeastern Arabian SeaKaithwar A.; Singh, Dharmendra Pratap; Saraswat R.
2015Assessing the effect of calcein incorporation on physiological processes of benthic foraminiferaKurtarkar S.R.; Saraswat R.; Nigam R.; Banerjee B.; Mallick R.; Naik D.K.; Singh, Dharmendra Pratap
2018Changes in standing stock and vertical distribution of benthic foraminifera along a depth gradient (58–2750 m) in the southeastern Arabian SeaSingh, Dharmendra Pratap; Saraswat R.; Kaithwar A.
2017Does Glacial-Interglacial Transition Affect Sediment Accumulation in Monsoon-Dominated Regions?Singh, Dharmendra Pratap; Saraswat R.; Naik D.K.
2020Functional and taxonomic (α and β) diversity patterns of macrobenthic communities along a depth gradient (19–2639 m): A case study from the southern Indian continental marginSivadas S.K.; Singh, Dharmendra Pratap; Saraswat R.
2020Inconsistent change in surface hydrography of the eastern Arabian Sea during the last four glacial-interglacial intervalsSaraswat R.; Kurtarkar S.R.; Yadav R.; Mackensen A.; Singh, Dharmendra Pratap; Bhadra S.; Singh A.D.; Tiwari M.; Prabhukeluskar S.P.; Bandodkar S.R.; Pandey D.K.; Clift P.D.; Kulhanek D.K.; Bhishekar K.; Nair S.
2019Indonesian throughflow controlled the westward extent of the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool during glacial-interglacial intervalsSaraswat R.; Singh, Dharmendra Pratap; Lea D.W.; Mackensen A.; Naik D.K.
2021Untangling the effect of organic matter and dissolved oxygen on living benthic foraminifera in the southeastern Arabian SeaSingh, Dharmendra Pratap; Saraswat R.; Nigam R.