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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Artificial recharge site selection using GIS and remote sensingChoudhary P. R.; Saraf A. K.
2016Comparison of Cartosat and ASTER DEM in different terrain of India, Asian Journal of GeoinformaticsBaral S. S.; Josodhir Das; Saraf A. K.; Borgohain Susanta; Singh Gaurav
2002Development of An Integrated Remote Sensing and GIS Technique to Assess the Impact of Reservoirs on Groundwater in Hard Rock TerrainSaraf A. K.; Roy A. S.; Sarma B.; Ghosh P.
2007Does a major earthquake precede a thermal anomaly?Saraf A. K.; Choudhury S.; Panda Santosh; Dasgupta S.; Rawat V.
2003Earthquakes and thermal anomaliesSaraf A. K.; Choudhury S.
2018False topographic perception phenomena: observed in satellite images of MarsSharma K.; Saraf A. K.; Josodhir Das; Baral Suman S.
2002Flow regime estimation for small-scale hydropower development in Himachal PradeshRees H.G.; Croker A.M.; Singhal M. K.; Saraf A. K.; Kumar A.; Zaidman M.D.; Gustard A.
2015Geospatial analysis of geomorphic evidences of active faults in Kachchh, GujaratKar E.; Saraf A. K.; Das J.; Baral S.
2005GIS Education in India: Important issues and ChallengesSaraf A. K.
1997GIS in small hydro planning and resource managementSaraf A. K.; Arun Kumar
2013Glacier Volume Changes and Their Climatic Causes in Tirungkhad Basin Located in Western HimalayaJain Mir R. S.; Saraf A. K.; Goswami A.
2011NOAA-AVHRR data displaying Thermal Line in the Himalayan foothills and its association with Frontal Thrust and Chamoli earthquakeSaraf A. K.; Rawat Vineeta; Das J. D.; Tronin Andrew; Choudhury Swapnamita; Sharma Kanika
2006NOAA-HRPT and FY-CHRPT Satellite Earth Station at IITRSaraf A. K.; Choudhury S.
2009Satellite Based Detection of Early Occurring and Co-Seismic landslidesSaraf A. K.; J. D. Das; Rawat Vineeta
2006Satellite observations of the great mega thrust Sumatra earthquake activitiesSaraf A. K.; Choudhury S.; Dasgupta S.
2010SRTM and ASTER DEM characteristics of two areas from Himalayan region, International Geoinformatics Research and Development JournalSharma Kanika; Saraf A. K.; Das J. D.; Rawat Vineeta; Yazdana Shujat
2006SSM/I Applications in Studies of Thermal Anomalies associated with EarthquakesChoudhury S.; Saraf A. K.; Panda Santosh K.
1994Surface thermal anomalies associated with underground fires in Jharia coal minesPrakash A.; Saraf A. K.; Gupta R. P.; Dutta D.; Sundaram R. M.
2005Thermal Remote Sensing Technique in the study of Pre-Earthquake Thermal AnomaliesSaraf A. K.; Choudhury Swapnamita