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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Building fire safety: Numerical simulation and evacuation planningSanjay V.; Das, Arup Kumar (Conference)
2019Consequences of Inclined and Dual Jet Impingement in Stagnant Liquid and Stratified LayersJain A.; Sanjay V.; Das, Arup Kumar
2018Formation of fluid structures due to jet-jet and jet-sheet interactionsSoni A.; Sanjay V.; Das, Arup Kumar
2017Formation of liquid chain by collision of two Laminar jetsSanjay V.; Das, Arup Kumar
2018Numerical assessment of hazard in compartmental fire having steady heat release rate from the sourceSanjay V.; Das, Arup Kumar
2017On air entrainment in a water pool by impingement of a jetSanjay V.; Das, Arup Kumar