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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Admission control for finite capacity queueing model with general retrial times and state-dependent ratesJain, Madhu; Sanga S.S.
2017Control F-policy for Fault Tolerance Machining System with General Retrial AttemptsJain, Madhu; Sanga S.S.
2017Control F-policy for Markovian retrial queue with server breakdownsJain, Madhu; Sanga S.S.; Meena R.K.
2019Cost optimization and ANFIS computing for admission control of M/M/1/K queue with general retrial times and discouragementSanga S.S.; Jain, Madhu
2019FM/FM/1 double orbit retrial queue with customers’ joining strategy: A parametric nonlinear programing approachSanga S.S.; Jain, Madhu
2020Fuzzy cost optimization and admission control for machine interference problem with general retrialJain, Madhu; Sanga S.S.
2020Fuzzy Markovian modeling of machining system with imperfect coverage, spare provisioning and rebootJain, Madhu; Kumar P.; Sanga S.S.
2019Fuzzy modeling and harmony search optimization for machining system with general repair, standby support and vacationMeena R.K.; Jain, Madhu; Sanga S.S.; Assad A.
2021Markovian working vacation queue with imperfect service, balking and retrialJain, Madhu; Dhibar S.; Sanga S.S.
2019Optimal Control F-policy for M/M/R/K Queue with an Additional Server and BalkingJain, Madhu; Sanga S.S.
2017Performance modeling and ANFIS computing for finite buffer retrial queue under F-policyJain, Madhu; Sanga S.S.; Das K.N.; Pant M.; Deep K.; Bansal J.C.; Lal A.K.; Garg H.; Nagar A.K.
2020State dependent queueing models under admission control F-policy: a surveyJain, Madhu; Sanga S.S.
2021Unreliable Single Server Double Orbit Retrial Queue with BalkingJain, Madhu; Sanga S.S.