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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A study on mechanics of collapse of combined geometry metallic shellsGupta, P. K.; Sahu R.R.
2015Blast diffusion by different shapes of domesSahu R.R.; Gupta, P. K.
2013Experimental and numerical studies on the tube contraction using a conical–cylindrical dieGupta, P. K.; Sahu R.R.
2013Geometrical metallic shell behavior study under compressionSahu R.R.; Gupta, P. K.
2014Improvement of crush can configurationSahu R.R.; Gupta, P. K.
2013Inward inversion studies on the stepped shape frustaGupta, P. K.; Sahu R.R.
2017Large Deformation Studies on Combined Shell StructuresGupta, P. K.; Sahu R.R.; Gupt N.K.; Iqba M.A.
2015Studies on geometrical metallic frusta for inward inversion by finite element simulationSahu R.R.; Gupta, P. K.
2014Studies on large deformation behavior of geometrical metallic frusta by finite element simulationSahu R.R.; Gupta, P. K.